Server Maintence

they posted the updates that hit 3pm pst, chill out - servers are going down for good reasons - take a rest as most of us have been playing since launch.

I don’t know what is happening, but I wish they would update us or something on what is happening.

i like how i couldnt refund the game on steam because it says i have more than 2 hours played when in reality all of my time has been spent not being able to play the game :slight_smile:

Any updates on this? @Kay @Luxendra @TrevzorFTW

Valhalla and other servers have been offline for over an hour now with no post or update. Very unusual. Are these planned to come back online tonight?



Our team is working through the issues on NA East now. We are certainly planning to get them back up tonight. When we have more information to share we certainly will be so stay tuned! :slight_smile:


No worries. Thanks for the update!

Is there an ETA and should we expect to be able to play before the patch is applied?

I saw that mugsy, your post will live on forever in the Server “maintence” Q&A!


So if this is NOT related to the 3 am upcoming release as per your deleted post, can we ask what it is related to?


Tonight is over in about an hour for NA East. So… does that mean eta is < 1 hour?

Over 2 hours now for Aztlan on US East and yet not a single response on our posts…

According to the link it states my server is full but I get an under maintenance message,?

Also the server status page shows Vahalla as full but the login states under maintenance. How long does it take to reflect it properly?

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It hasn’t been accurate for Aztlan for over 2 hours where we’ve been booted and unable to login. So it’s clear their “Server Status” page is a joke.

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So it’s clear their “Server Status” page is a joke.

Let’s not be like that, folks.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance. I don’t think being surly about it helps anything, and the CMs have no power over the situation either.

Thanks again for taking the time to inform us of the situation.


Thanks for pointing that out. I’m not sure why that page wouldn’t have updated, but I will escalate that to our web team to figure out the situation.


I’ve got nuggets in the oven do I need to check on them or is maintenance not much longer. Why can you not provide a reason for unplanned downtime.

Please do not burn your nuggets. That would be a sad thing :frowning: