Server Maintence

According to the link it states my server is full but I get an under maintenance message,?

Also the server status page shows Vahalla as full but the login states under maintenance. How long does it take to reflect it properly?

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It hasn’t been accurate for Aztlan for over 2 hours where we’ve been booted and unable to login. So it’s clear their “Server Status” page is a joke.

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So it’s clear their “Server Status” page is a joke.

Let’s not be like that, folks.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance. I don’t think being surly about it helps anything, and the CMs have no power over the situation either.

Thanks again for taking the time to inform us of the situation.


Thanks for pointing that out. I’m not sure why that page wouldn’t have updated, but I will escalate that to our web team to figure out the situation.


I’ve got nuggets in the oven do I need to check on them or is maintenance not much longer. Why can you not provide a reason for unplanned downtime.

Please do not burn your nuggets. That would be a sad thing :frowning:


I think the “View Worlds” button is more accurate at the moment for what’s up and what isn’t.

Save the nuggies :tired_face:

Tonight just started in NA East

Are there forums for specific servers? Looking for information about Macaria. Says login down because under maintenance but I have guildies in the game playing.

This thread is kind of sad. For a launch of an mmo the amount of downtime has been almost non existent. Servers crash once in over a week and some of you lose your mind. Settle down a bit.

Valhalla is still showing as “server maintenance” but when I click view worlds it says server at capacity but population low… :thinking:

I play The Universim and Nuggets have a different meaning to me XD

Also getting server login unavailable due to maintenance but it doesn’t say it’s under maintenance on the view worlds screen like others do



Only a shill would know another shill.

No nuggets will be harmed if my server comes back.



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