Server Maintence

Valhalla is back

ty, come back tomorrow?

Macaria Is still down

Fix Macaria

Maintenance has been completed. Go forth back into Aeternum!

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Can I please request a restart to Lin Lin server, I am stuck with a time out error waiting for server to spawn player @TrevzorFTW

Harpagion is hard bugged. Noone can get into Amrine and its halting the progress of everyone on the server

Same with Santu

so i’ve been super non-toxic about the bugs and everything, super hopeful of this game…but it literally just lag detected me out of the boss fight for starstone, so if theres any way to hook me up with another starstone key…yeah thatd be great. keep up the good work guys, im gunna go figure out my life till servers are back up!

Pretty sure every single server just went down

Not according to the connection error i’m getting saying login unavailable: world is under maintenance…

OK…WTF?! Just got kicked and this is what I can see…

Cantahar down again.

just came up for me, try again…

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Fix SA Kukku!

Impossible to make any expedition on that server.


Why is it so hard to find the threads regarding maintenance? You would assume they would make them a pop up or something on the main page so players can easily find this information. I don’t use the garbage can of a website, twitter.



Here is the official notification of the server maintenance

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