Server Maintence

Pretty sure every single server just went down

Not according to the connection error i’m getting saying login unavailable: world is under maintenance…

OK…WTF?! Just got kicked and this is what I can see…

Cantahar down again.

just came up for me, try again…

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Fix SA Kukku!

Impossible to make any expedition on that server.


Why is it so hard to find the threads regarding maintenance? You would assume they would make them a pop up or something on the main page so players can easily find this information. I don’t use the garbage can of a website, twitter.



Here is the official notification of the server maintenance

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Everyone needs to chill - maintenance is part of MMO Gaming

It’s global so somewhere in the world, someone is in their prime gaming time.

Chill read a guide! (Youtube if you don’t want to read)

They should use US as testing subject and deploy it on EU later on ( as Blizzard did in the past).

Honestly don’t know why they have to deploy patches simultainously on all regions…
Big corporations using out of office and weekend timeframes to deploy updates so why Amazon can do the same ?

If they did it region to region players would flock to the regions that were up overloading the system.

We dont want a 0day again

Best way to do it they way its getting done

This is far from the best planning or execution. I am not sure why you are so invested in pretending it is.

Or they should test on EU and release there later. Its a game made in the US lol.

They extended the maintenance 2 extra hours :confused:

I bet they can find better timing for maintenance if they wait a couple of hours (irony mode off)

dude, I don’t mind if they start patching on EU if its during the night instead of 12:00-19:00 !!

its 12:30 pm EST. when can i expect the downtime to be over chief

About 2 hours after this tweet.

Edit: No idea why it says Oct5. The maintenance should be done in about 20min

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