Server Management Needs to be Improved. ASAP

It’s disappointing to see that AGS hasn’t learned from their previous mistakes. From providing everyone a free transfer token at the same time only to be shocked after everyone transfers to the same server, to merging medium pop servers thus creating near-capacity servers shortly before an update. The recent influx of players is a test of how AGS will manage the servers during the Brimstone sands update. Clearly, they’re doing what they’ve always done, being slow to react and when they do, implement terrible solutions.

Even worse… EU 9/6

Also, how can NWDB get the queue numbers but AGS can’t? Come on…

There’s a whole server worth of players waiting in the queue on US East right now. I’ll admit that the problem is complex. How did you get all these players to fit on these servers? How do you get players to move? What if they have friends on the server that they want to be playing with?

There are a few things that need to happen.

  1. Create a way to transfer off of a server without having to log in.
  2. Have a grace period when creating a new server so that nobody can buy the territories. During this time trading tax, crafting tax, etc are set to the minimum, and when the territory unlocks each faction has to fight for it before they can claim it.
  3. Dynamic server locking. Stop locking the servers to both transfers and character creation for weeks at a time. This is stupid. This led to servers dying. STOP DOING THIS.

Can’t wait to see how AGS responds :slight_smile:


I agree with your points.

They should a lot faster at reacting to events then they are. Way too slow and rigid.

They need more servers, even if some are underpopulated, and let people move between them a lot easier. Maybe a limit to once a week or something.

The personal queue position is a little bit more complex since it also depends on your spawn zone. If there’s 1000 people in the server queue, you won’t really have to wait for all of them to get in before you.

Yes but overall a queue isn’t complex.

I mean, the queue works. Even when it goes up, that’s not necessarily a “bug”. Your spawn zone could have people walking into it, increasing the queue.

The UI could use some better metrics, but the queue is working.

Bro. It doesn’t display the number, NWDB does. What aren’t you getting? When did I question the functionality of the queue? I was more questioning the functionality of the UI which for some reason never seems to display proper fucking information.

Also, stop acting like you know how the queue works and if it’s working properly. You don’t know that unless you’re a dev that can actually do their job.

You’re comparing the total queue number with the personal position. The total numbers is shown in game too irc, in the server selection screen.

The personal queue is a whole different story. You wait for both server capacity to free up, but also for spawn zone capacity to free up. That results in a lower number shown, which can also go up.

I mean, you’re just wrong. Lmfao

Then you might as well ignore the queue number shown on nwdb, considering I’m the guy who operates that site :man_shrugging:

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Wow, you operate the site but think a queue of 1 is correct when there is hundreds in queue. Sheesh

There is a different queue for character creation which does seem to display properly but every time I log in, even with hundreds in queue, it displays my position as one. How many zones do you think there are? If I’m in Windsward I guess I’m just never getting in?

Log out in a less populated location and log back in next time, then re-read what I said about the queue.

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Have you not played recently and haven’t read other forum posts? There is clearly something wrong with the queue number being displayed properly. Even if I was 1 in my zone it shouldn’t be displayed as one because that doesn’t give an accurate depiction as to where I am in the overall queue.

Then what would you have it displayed as? I totally agree that the number shown is mostly useless, but it is accurate. Your queue just becomes higher due to players moving around.

1 is accurate? Let’s say the server is at capacity but multiple players are in a zone that is not at capacity. Why would you display it as 1 when there is possibly hundreds in front of me. I don’t care about it going up I care about the game telling me when I’m going to log in without having to go to your site to give me an estimate.

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Because those hundreds of people are behind you in the queue, that’s why it would display as a low number. You really can’t have a good indicator of when you’ll be out of the queue in a system like this.

I’m sure it will get reworked eventually since it causes a lot of confusion.

Edit: you basically won’t have to wait for all the people that are in the queue when you log in (also says that on the little info tooltip icon next to Queue Time).

Have you not played recently? It says position is 1 the moment you try to log in but then have to wait 30+ minutes. Clearly, something is not functioning properly.

This is not a problem in any other game. Other games can give you an exact position and an estimated time. New world used to give you overall position but now it doesn’t do that.

Most games have a queue that’s solely there to cap concurrent players.

Others also queue you up to prevent a large influx of logins even if there’s capacity.

Rarely, based on architecture, games can also split the influx related queue into zones.

New World does all of that. If you log into a remote location, with no one there, if there’s 100 people in the queue when you log in, you’ll see 100/101.

Edit: you’ll see 100 ish assuming those people aren’t all queuing up in a populated zone, in which case, you’d be somewhere closer to the front of the queue.

Edit 2: point being, if you want an accurate queue position, you need to have a single queue for everyone. That will give you a number and longer queue times.


So we agree it’s not accurate and that NWDB gives a better estimate just by going off of overall queue size.

Not really. You can literally spend 10 minutes in a 1600 people queue.

The queue metrics on the site are mainly to see server health, rather than figure out how much you gotta wait. Sure, for a bunch of people, it’s gonna be a decent estimate; but it’s not the best indicator.

Even the queue time I show on the site comes straight from the game data. But you’ll notice it wildly fluctuates from stuff like 30m to 4h instantly, because of all the factors involved (which I assume is why AGS no longer even shows the estimate time in the game).