[Server Mantinence] Aepyornis, Marsic and Nembus

Can we have an insight on why this servers are going up and down ?

  • Aepyornis
  • Marsic
  • Nembus

because we Italians disgust us.
so they don’t even answer you

but now just aepyornis is down

Frisland EU-ES down/on maintenance too.

the server has been down for an hour, and they still don’t let you know the problem and the duration.
then maybe they complain that they lose player


Mine was up and down the last two days after the patch, repeatedly, at all hours. No warning, no communication, still don’t know why or what they were doing. I can’t speak on today because I logged in, realized my will to play had been crushed, and logged back out.

Going to take a break until the next patch. If the next patch breaks more things than it fixes, like every other patch since launch has, I’ll have to delete char. This is just insane. I’m glad there are so many of you enjoying your crap sandwiches with a smile on your face, though, good luck with that.

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A me che me ne fotte che te canceli il pg ho che voi fare te a me il gioco mi piace .

Bye bye

Perche Aepyornis e in manutenzione? non era nella lista dei server
cosa cavolo combinano
quante cavolo di manutenzioni sta settimana. ma una giusta la fate state gestendo a merda un bel gioco.
manutenzione di 2 ore questo e giu da gia due ore

It seems that Frisland is back online again. Lets see if it last

So you’re already assuming the next patch will break more than it fixes? Me too lmao.

TornerĂ  mai online?


Ci mettono proprio impegno a farci abbandonare il gioco.

rimane il fatto che nessuno si preoccupa di dare delle spiegazioni

A quanto pare non gli interessa :confused:

certo noi siamo l’ultima ruota del carro

l’importante e’ che tu gli hai pagato il gioco poi…

Io credo che in questo gioco tutti siamo considerati l’ultima ruota del carro, se il 73 è il tuo anno di nascita abbiamo circa la stessa età e sinceramente dopo una vita di gaming credo che stanno percorrendo la strada verso la fine (mia opinione).


New World stuff Disaparesidos …

We’d like to know when our server will go up again and why you did not write any announcement about crash issue.

As you know who play those games don’t like downtime but we can understand patch downtime … not for crash …

We hope the New World stuff will inform the players asap.


Aepyornis has been down for 4 hours … no news