Server merge - 15 hours notice?

Just logged in to find that my server will be merged tonight. What happened to the 72h notice we were supposed to get?

Just settling down after the last merge too.

And what time is correct? The in game:

Or the one in the notice?

Not happy

Just sad what happened to this game.
They dont realize what they are talking anymore.

Bugged content over bug fixing.
False promising. (Like no stealth nerfes in dev videos etc)

Too bad the bug fix month is 3 month too late.

Im confused why are you not happy? You dont want server merges? Why do you need 72 hour notice, even a few hours would be enough

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Cause they announced it once with 72hours notice.

U can also ask why we are not happy with all those 123 bugs that exist in the game. And ur answer would be: be happy that we have bugs.

Never heard such a bullshit

No, I don’t want a server merge - I am happy with the current state of my server. But I know many persons do.

Why do I want notice - so I can prepare - do farming, buy/sell on the marketplace.
If I was really cynical I would check the destination world, and perhaps change faction.

But as @Danomat said, AGS says that there will be 72 hours notice, and they have broken their word.

Honestly, I think you’re an idiot.

Develop a perfect game and then say some shit like that.

Name a game that didn’t have bugs.

Its not about the bugs.
Its about the communication and the lies they tell us everytime again.

But thx calling me an idiot.

Nice weekend

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I disagree with much the devs did after release but complaining about this is just meh…

Be glad they are merging servers or there wouldnt be many players left on the dying servers in 72h…

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If the post was 11 hrs ago (which is around 7pm for US East time) and the server merge happens on your local time (11:30am for US East), that’s PLENTY of a heads up notice even if you wake up at 6am every morning to start your day and read your server is receiving a merge, that extra 5.5 hrs to get things done with your character before a 2 hr downtime is still plenty of time to do whatever you need to do to get your characters affairs in order. If you are being merged, cancel your active orders just incase they don’t get lost in the transfer especially the more expensive items you’re trying to sell, things do happen.

Servers in NW are in need of merge. I’m not sure how often some of you monitor your own server status via nwdb server-status but if it’s in the low 100’s or sub-100 players online at any given time especially peak hours, then yes, you do need a merge. Merging servers keeps the health of the game going for players who want to be actively playing with others, running elite chest runs, OPR, expeditions or whatnot. It’s better to have a merge with another low-med populated server than to just log in, look at the ghost town of your settlement, barely have anyone online to play with and just log out and hopefully by xx time, your server gains more players that log in. With many servers, this is their daily outlook. I’m glad my server is being merged with another server with just about or maybe a few hundred more players online at any given time, it’s much needed.

Furthermore, the upcoming patch includes a better OPR experience. The merge is another ideal step towards this so there’s more players who can queue up for OPR since the rewards have been updated. They understand the game is losing player base and to compensate, they are merging servers to keep the population of those servers going. It’s better to merge servers now BEFORE the update. Overall, this was a much needed by AGS and I thank them for that.

You get less time to stand around and wait for the merge.
It makes zero difference if it was 72 hours or 72 minutes. You just want to b!tch about it.

They were losing 10k players per day. You seriously wanted them to wait 3 days to merge?

Don’t take any such postings from the devs serious. They always bury and forget them fast.

Just like this pledge which disappeared into oblivion after a short time in November:

Instead downtimes are always announced a few hours before they happen. So no surprise they do the same with mergers.

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Is there something pressing you need to do prior to your server being merged that a days notice wasn’t enough?

Since almost everyone agree that server need emergency merge, a 15h notice is more than enough

Anyone with a bit of observetaion knew that merge were coming really soon. They annonced they fix the merge problem with housing around a week ago. Then they merge South America a couple of days ago. Its the same pattern/schedule that happen when the first merge occured

You guys are genuinely surprised ? Really ?

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