Server merge and world transfer

So to start the server that we got merged with has a lot of toxic game chat and no one is doing anything to upgrade towns just forts and yellow owns almost every territory and then do the town board missions does no good because nothing gets done and then I thought as well we were going to get a world transfer and I do not have one I’m about to quit playing this game amongst a lot of other people I have talked to you can’t turn the pvp on for the luck because people are waiting outside of towns to kill you. This is the first computer game I have ever played and got a computer to play it. I like the game but I hate the server I got put into. The other night me and my group where running elite chest and when we got thorp killed I couldn’t even get my loot from killing him because people attacked us I don’t see that being fair. This game needs to be fixed or give people the option to go somewhere else or do something about it. Also at least 2 or 3 times a night I open chest and NOTHING is in them and now that we got merged we are stuck in the worst town because that is where our house was in our other server I feel like we got screwed on this merge and it isn’t right. There are 3 times the amount of yellow and purple people so your answer is to take a territory but can’t do that because there are just to many of the other ones I thought this was to even put the factions and it didn’t do that something needs to be done about it we should have gotten to choose what server we went to or given the option to move our houses I am not the only one that feels this way you guys really need to fix these issues or your game is going to die. I paid $40 for this game and have over 700 hours played on it and I’m about to take the loss and uninstall the game. We have all these updates and it doesn’t really help. I’m sure nothing is going to get done but at least I can say I brought all these things to your attention.

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