Server Merge - Characters in worlds to be joined

I currently have two characters on the SA server, one on Lanka and one on Devaloka, so what will happen when I merge? as far as I know, there can only be 1 char for the world… will you join the items of the char from Lanka in the Deva, or will I just lose the char that was in Lanka?

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Hi @DukeGreed

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Thank you for bringing this important topic about the server merges. It definitely can create some concerns on the players.

This is the offcial information [FAQ] Server Merges . It is stated that even the merge * World X characters will be relocated to World Y - their characters, companies, housing, gold, and owned items should remain intact, but territory ownership and contracts will not persist on the new world.

We will keep monitoring this event and correct any issues if necessary.

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

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In this case I’m talking about you having a character in both X and Y, which of the two characters would be in the X world? Or could it be both? Or the character data from world Y would go to the of the world X

@Achieveme @Luxendra @Raftel @Kagami It does not provide info about the main concern of this topic. We need specific orientation as to how should we proceed in the case of having characters in both servers to be joined together.

Same situation here. I have one character on Modun and another in Apsu

Depois posta aqui jo reply o que aconteceu com seu personagem, hoje não vou poder acessar o NW, então não vou saber a resposta

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a principio os 2 permanecem @DukeGreed

That is an auto response not a real person thats why it was not answered. All the real CS are in LA.

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