Server merge ETA?

Im in a server that is slowly getting bellow 100 players, top faction is running the crafting stations to the ground and hoarding taxes, greens control most of the map. They don’t control all of it because they don’t want the taxes, amount of players is going down further and further and a server merge is the only thing that will help.


Lets hope you get an official reply but I doubt it… AGS doesn’t care… they say they do… but they don’t…


Let’s hope this post makes enough noise that they can’t just ignore and make an official statement, the game has too many servers they need to cut them in under half.


There had been many posts about this… still silence…

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No answer is an answer - its going to be a while I would say

I dont think they understand that its better to say SOMETHING than nothing. I feel like they have the mentality that if they dont have an exact answer they cant say anything.

Its better to say “we dont know but we hope to implement it in x weeks, or x months. We will try to keep everyone updated on a specific time frame when we have one” or something to that extent. They dont have to deliver empty promises, just say you dont know!


I cannot imagine that it would be difficult or hard to do, put x servers into x new empty server full stop, OR give out another round of transfer tokens.


I must remind you about what happened with transfers. While they arent the same, they are similar. Besides, lets face it, they break all they touch. So the merges, most probably, will go south…

They did start it yes but now i am pretty sure everyone would flock to the servers who are not empty in turn killing servers, since everyone CAN stransfer it will be fine.

It didnt help that the servers went all Dr Who and went forward/backward in time like crazy. Cant merge if the servers cant agree what time it is.

They have and shared the rules on how they gonna do it. I know it can take time to execute the plan, but players are stuck for a long time on desert servers, which is pretty demotivating on an MMO and give the impression for these players that no one plays the game anymore.

Furniture trading, server merges, gem scaling - repeat! Hopefully soon for all of it

Yes oh please give us an information!!! @AGS, @CommunityManager PLEASE PLEASE tell us a plan or an time horizon. Is there any chance to have merge in a very near future or is it unrealistic and will be available in 2 or more weeks. Maybe its planned beofre the end of the year (its not much time left and you don’t want a bad xmas time). So please give us a little hint of a WHEN. It’s no problem if it takes more than 2 weeks but then i don’t need to wait until all the fun is gone and i will quit the game only while i had no information and thought its near future!


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Well to be fair, it is much more complicated than that but I get your point. The process behind merging the servers is definitely more challenging than you may think. In my opinion, they pushed out this unplayable update to force people to use their free transfer token. Since they plan to sell transfer tokens later on.

Before the patch my server may have been able to scrape up enough people to run something in shattered… Now there is no way.

Yeah, the game is suffering and people are leaving. What is the reason to play an MMO when nobody is online and server transfer is used…?

They at least should just start transfer people, this is crazy.

bro you know how many things they are having to figure out and fix? on top of that you do realize its thanksgiving week? they have families.

This: they need to do another round of transfer tokens. I’m not playing until I can leave my dead server, but I also can’t transfer off because some of my guildies have already used thier tokens.

If they do another round of tokens now, they will blunt the negative issues caused by merges down the line (whenever they get their fingers out to do these merges)

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Our server is slowly dying too, and we got a situation where some of our company members already transfered on the server we’re in now… We want to move, but we’re forced to stay on a shit server where it’s not fun to play anymore.

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They already said its not close will happen, means after holidays , next year.

There also having problems of character being deleted with server merges. Gone not recoverable from database. If that happens to 1 player that’s 1 to many.

Good luck.

They said they are going to do server merges 14 days ago and havent said a word about it since. I don’t want a fix I just want an answer. Not being rude at all, I get that its holiday time but thanksgiving is one day, realistically knowing amazon they get 3 days off (before, the day of, and the day after, plus weekend if they normally dont work weekends) and that doesn’t mean they cant give an answer the entire month of November. I’m not expecting a solution, I’m expecting communication. If they dont know they need to say that.