Server merge is a total screwjob

It’s just Darwin’s laws asserting themselves. Small pop servers had less competition, so less competitive companies there. Merges with folks from larger servers (not even large ones, but larger than small pop) means better companies, and they outcompete easily, because the small pop server companies are not competitive in a Darwin sense outside their small ecosystem.

This was inevitable in server merges, but it’s better than having small pop servers forever. Something always gets displaced when you merge, it can’t be avoided.

Your post is extremely difficult to read as you used one run on sentence with zero punctuation. I got a headache after about 7 words.

A WISE MAN ONCE SAID ….” MAD COS BAD” I live by this motto, get stronger… not angrier.

Change is good, like being able to sell my house so I can move.

Odd how a game built on change as you say seemed to stay fairly the same once servers begun to settle. The mergers may be a fun change for some for a bit, but eventually most servers will settle and back to complaining on the forums for lack of content for many.

Yeah NW can allow one of two things to happen… they can let you pick up and move to another city (with some type of penalty… lost of money) or they can make it easier for dictators to fall. Which route is better for the game?

My money is on the 2nd option…

Probably working as intended IF all other systems are also working as intended. For example the devs are saying War every 2 days max and defenders have the advantage (they claim 80% of the time defenders win).

Of course there’s invasions to downgrade everything, but that’s just a PvP penalty for people who just war for fun and don’t realize that real progress is made during peace time. Just like in the real world – wars are just a resource sink that pulls resources away from progress.

So even when systems are working as intended, PvP is destroying servers.

That’s why it’s really better that players have zero influence over Settlements.

On a side note – Winter event + Expertise + Server merges … and Steamcharts shows game population is still falling.
@Luxendra @Lane @Zin_Ramu really, it’s time the devs look at their underlying game systems instead of pushing new features hoping they will magically turn this game around. They won’t. The underlying game needs to be fun. It’s not. Even when it’s working as intended, it’s not fun. Like Wars piled on top of Invasions Time gated tedious-to-get Tuning Orbs to access Expeditions. Etcetera.


What? Would you rather the situation was reversed and you had to run the faction lsps to start a war and lost your territory with the transfer and had to fight to win it back? War decs are cheap regardless.

You didn’t know how much you suck until you played with real people, hahahaha

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No they actually could do both. Allow us to sell our homes, period. They can also adjust the mechanics of territory control a bit to avoid abuse or maps getting stagnate.

I prefer both, a long with a huge list of other much needed additions and fixes to make it a proper game.

I just want to point out pushing multiple territories into conflict within a few hours of each other is not uncommon and something my faction does on my server regularly. We get a bunch of companies to organize and decide who will declare on what before hand then sweep the zones one by one as a large group. It puts a lot of pressure on your opponents and expedites the whole process due to the large numbers.

I’ll repeat it for those in the back, this is how the game is supposed to work!

Lets make sure we do not lose sight here… AWS / NW made a game with PVP at the backbone (also survivalistic theme); later added PVE. The PVP is part of the PVE since it was there on day one. If you try to remove it… you would disrupt the dna of the game and the fan base. That being said, for the PVE only crowd, you can stick with it… but understand sometimes the imperial troops come knocking on your door and you have to leave your home on Coruscant for Tatooine. You can also just join the dark side, either way its a good story we can all agree :slight_smile:

The war still 50x50 with great advantages for the defending side, if you were lazy and had to intention to get stronger, this is not on ags.

another one proving the point that toxic pvp players have nothing valuable to add.

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You expect anyone to believe that you are toxic on the forums resorting to name calling and bigoted slurs but you didn’t do so in game?

Sure Jan.

Actually this is irrelevant.
Ultimately if the systems are not fun, it’s still on AGS.
Are people fatigued by constant war and invasions on top of that, for example? Good luck getting your Company to log in basically every single day for War every 2 days and Invasions in between plus trying to play the rest of the game.
That was an issue at launch too. If in the end that’s not fun, that’s the bottom line.
It’s not fun.

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sounds like you and your folks better step the frick up and start getting your poop together and fight back. War is only 50v50, get a good group together and rip their hearts out and then eat them.

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Working as intended. We merged into another world, and it’s been positive for the most part. Wars breaking out everywhere, as intended. :grin:

My server was the destination for the merges and my faction was the minority afterwards. Zergs put most of our territories into conflict within an hour or so but… we won all of our defensive wars. I believe that’s how it’s supposed to work? Am I missing something here?

we’ve lost two territories to new faction members betraying us in mid battle. lost monarch to a crew of 15 we thought loyal who decided to ignore the plan and run off to fishing, syndis never touched them. complete setup. all 15 switched to the syndi company right away. theres infighting in all factions, people are depressed and tired of the toxicity and staring at a weeks worth of war. and the 3 defenses that were succesful have already been pushed back into conflict. if this is the way the game was intended to work, i would never have bought it knowing that. pre merge there was no issue, a couple of wars a week, invasions to fight, and time to play the whole game. now its just toxic bs and constant chaos.

Wtf, i play PVE only but always pvp flagged. I would call you a pvp player that is not good, noobish, lacks skill, because you want land but you get defeated when you are not the only one around :joy:.