Server merge poor decisions

Thread after thread of server merges that will result in new populations of 500 or so at peak merged populations.

AGS, these people waited patiently on dead servers just to end up in a new dead server and it will cause some of them to give up.

Forget merges. Give out transfer tokens to anyone on a low pop server (and disable character creation on those servers at the same time) that does not have one and announce end of life for servers. Give people a deadline to transfer and keep using this process till all the dead servers are gone.

I am sure there is a server merge team that feels like they need to justify their hard work but this solution to the dead server problem is tone deaf and harmful to the game overall.

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These mergers aren’t the final step in the merging process.

I get that but it is a stupid process that isn’t AGILE enough to take care of its customers.

In the beginning there were queues so long that AGS made new servers and told people “make a character on a new server, you can join your friends later when we give you transfer tokens!”

Lots of people did that and had to wait far longer than was originally implied to get those tokens.

Once they got those tokens they used them and there was MASSIVE failure. People were not allowed to complete their transfer and in addition to creating a method for duplicating gold some customers were locked in a state where they couldn’t play at all.

They finally ironed out those issues but the servers that some of those people transferred to died due to the massive exodus of players.

AGS said “this is OK, just wait for merges!”

And weeks went by while these players suffered on dead servers on faith that once merges happened they would be OK.

Now they are being told “Yeah after this first step of merges you will still be on a dead server, but just stick it out… after three, four, maybe five steps you will get to enjoy the game!”

I am a huge supporter of this game but this is complete crap and it will result in some of the people who have stuck with it through much frustration finally saying “forget this”.

And it doesn’t have to be this way. There was a better, fixed process availible but someone in a management position who probably doesn’t even play said “no, go ahead with the merge plan”.

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