Server merge problem

I have two characters. one is in Alakapuri server and another one is in Utopia. In the next 15 hrs, Alakapuri is merging with Utopia. there is no information on what will happen with my 1 character. Can anyone help me with this issue, please?

Same problem. I was hoping they just let it be. I can have double the crafting cooldowns because I have 2 characters in the same world. $$$

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Same problem

same problem


Yes I have a 55 on Castle of Steel. And they are merging my other character 60 and geared into it! So what I have to delete one because the devs failed to retain players? How is this my problem? Give us a free xfer token at login. So we can move our choice of toons off.

Do it or I will delete them both for good. I’m really sick of the utter incompetency of the dev and management team.

How thick could you be?

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thanks brother. someone should pin this thread. couldn’t find anywhere so i posted this

never happen…the words probably crash

their communication is so bad with the community and never clear anything 100% everytime. pretty sick of this with all the negative things happening with new world already

Hello @oldnick.

I’m really glad to see you are here at the forums and hope you can enjoy your time here and at the game as well!

Regarding your request, this is a very specific scenario the one you’re having right now and I’m sorry that you’re being through this, so I was doing the research before being able to answer you.

As per now the official answer that we have from the team in charge is that you will have two playable characters on the same server, more details will be shared with you as soon as they are available through an announcement.

Please stay tune to our social media for more information once is available.


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thanks for clearing the confusion

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Thank you,

This applies to me too. But different servers.

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oh my god that response. Jesus take the wheel.

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