Server merge Pyrandia

@Luxendra In the list of Worlds which will be merged you mentioned all worlds of Vanaheim Chi, except for Pyrandia??

We are mostly on around 200 players, why do you merge every world in there except ours, why don’t we also get to experience full servers :(?


That’s because the other servers are merged into Pyrandia.
All the people from the other servers will be in Pyrandia and we will have a full server…

BTW: Can you post a printscreen of the map of Pyrandia? Wich Faction is the strongest?

They changed that recently, when I wrote my post the dev post said “Panchia, Nastrond, Gladsheim and Vaikuntha will be merging into Aaru…”
Just yesterday they changed that into two seperate merges, before that it was the whole worldset except for Pyrandia.

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