Server Merge - Ravenal INTO Styx?



Hey Amazon! you scared to give an answer?


1 day and still no response :frowning:

We already saw that your team updated the post and confirmed the one thing we were afraid of: Ravenal merging into Styx.

The faction imbalance is really high on Styx, it´s way better on Ravenal!
So why did you make such a bad decision?

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nice way to say “We don’t care”…

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Thanks for atleast forwarding and considering.

I’m playing since day one through all server problems & bugs and still kept my love for the game as i still love the world and see insane potential for further content.

Ravenal has a balanced and intense PvP community, we are fighting hard and each war requires alot of preparation. This upcoming merge feels wrong, all our efforts, city management, equip and buff preparation is gone down the drain.

We loose territories we had since day 1 without a chance to take em back because they already belong to the same faction. Knowing this kills my spirit to continue playing.

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Dear Amazon Team,

I personally have no problem at all with the way the migration works in this case. But I have a problem with how day in, day out with, sorry, but it’s just so, → stupid ← decisions are taken care of that the player community is always and always frustrated. You are scaring away even the hardcore playerbase and that bothers me quite a bit. You guys are going for a stillborn if you keep this up. Listen to the players and think again about the migration. Better use Ravenal as the main server.

It doesnt matter which is the mainserver. Yes, y can lose your towns, but on the other hand, you have the opportunity for new attack wars. :slight_smile: We lose your tier 5 maxed everfall city, too… but don´t care, because new funny fights. :slight_smile:

If there aren´t enemies who can take them, switch faction maybe?^^

Echt jetzt ich bin echt überrascht, hab heute mitbekommen das uns die Zusammenführung bevorsteht.
Hat mich erstmal nicht interessiert da uns es ja so vermittelt worden ist das der Größere Server so bleibt wie er ist.
Und jetzt muss ich das lesen.
Ich versteh gar nix mehr : (


Don’t laugh, I chose the server Ravenal in the beginning because I liked the sound of the name. Styx is…dumb. :blush:

AGS, would you let me keep the name as a äh winter convergence gift??? Come on!

…and :heart: to all of you, who want to keep Ravenal too.


Congratz, we lose 6 full T5 cities with an income of 500-800k per town.
And you lose 1 T5 city, nice :smiley:

da hat jemand nichts verstanden.

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You have 6 t5 cities and talking about balance? ^^ If you have so much income, you shouldnt have probs to t5 your cities again. :wink:

Was? Dass ihr weint, dass ihr eure wohlgenährten Städte verliert und mal wieder Krieg führen dürft? ^^

Beleidigen hilft nicht, irgendwas zu belegen. Was ist dann dein Problem? Dass ein anderer Server der “Hauptserver” wird? Ihr werdet eh alle gemerged. Am Ende seid ihr wieder ein Server mit höherer Population und mehr Action.

Please don’t ruin the topic by launching personal attacks. That would be counterproductive. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Rentwin: Why don’t you start a thread in which you support Styx as the main server, hmm?

I have no “favorite” servers. I´m just happy that there are merges and i don´t understand your complaining. It doesnt matter who got more people… you are ONE server after the merge.

Eine bitte an die Ravenal Spieler.
Verbündet euch bitte nicht mit El1te und ihren unter Kompanien, die ruinieren denn ganzen Server, indem sie Städte verkommen lassen und sind dazu noch extrem toxisch.
Bitte macht es besser.
gez. der restliche Server Styx


And I would be even happier, if this server were called Ravenal. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wir sind alle glaub ich froh das es Zusammenführungen geben wird!
Aber wäre schön sie kommen auch wie sie uns präsentiert wurden.
Und es wäre auch von Vorteil die Merges so durchzuführen das die Spieler auch weiter Spielen wollen.