Server Merge - Ravenal INTO Styx?

Naja irgendwer fühlt sich immer benachteiligt…

or just a total new name. ^^

Sie können die Städte nicht verkommen lassen wenn sie nicht dazu in der Lage sind 3-5 wars an einem Tag zu deffen gegen hardcore pvp gilden bei denen alle mit full BiS gear und extrem viel Erfahrung daherkommen

Du siehst doch die Karte oben, 5 Gebiete, mittlerweile 6 und in 3 die Steuern auf max und kein Unterhalt bezahlt, für jedes neue Gebiet gibt es ne neue kompanie, aber die gleichen Leute

Don´t worry, if this Merge happens like Amazon said we will take that in our hands and show them what PvP means :slight_smile:

mhhh Wenn ich auf die Weltkarte schaue, ist Ravenal genausowenig balanced von der Map wie Styx.

In Styx:
Gelb hat 6 Gebiet, aber nur 2 Companien die die gebeite halten. Eine davon 5.
Grün hat 5 Gebiet mit 5 Companien.

Gelb: 2 Gebiete, 1 Companie
Grün: 7 Gebiet, 4 Companien, eine davon mit 3
Lila: 2 Gebiet, 1 Companie.

Damit hat Ravenal: 6 Companien die ein Gebiet halt und Styx hat 7 Companien die ein Gebiet haben.

Nicht dass das ein super gutes Argument ist, gerade wenn eine companie 5 gebiete hat aber Styx hat mehr Companien im Krieg als Ravenal.

Zumindest eine mögliche Erklärung. Keine gute aber immerhin eine mögliche.

Die werden selbst wenn sie gewinnen schnell die Schnauze voll von den ganzen wars haben. Zudem wird es mit Sicherheit für jede Fraktion mind eine Stadt geben mit erträglichen Steuern. Ist egal wie es bisher auf styx war wir kommen mit fast 2x mehr spielern und dem müssen sich die vorherrschenden Kompanien beugen

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Hey Amazon,

based on this discussing I think it is obvious that neither Ravenal or Styx really wants that merge which you are forcing us into. I highly would recommend to merge 2 small servers (~300 players) into Styx and one small server (~300 players) into Ravenal and everyone will be happy :slight_smile:


This would be an acceptable compromise (for me). :wink:

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Hey @Willard,

thank you very much for the investigation. We would be very happy to get a final feedback on that until the 20.12.

This will allow the companies to plan their winter holiday’s which are currently being effected by the idea to merge the servers.
A lot of effort has been spent by the guildes either on Ravenal or on Styx, and this, in my opinion, really is the worst time of the year to do a change like that.

If the merge happens, the outcome of the incoming wars will be anything but fair due to the fact that the most of the players will be sitting underneath the Christmas tree.

Beside of that, here a little important thing that just came into my mind:
Another fact that seems to be slightly ignored at the moment is the loss of players by doing a merge like that. At Ravenal we have several hardcore players which have spent a very high amount of time on their characters and the cities their guilds have claimed. According to discussions in Discord, I am sure that some of them will stop playing.

Let’s do the math and say 5% of the active players will stop playing by a merge like that. This means if:

  • Ravenal (Active players: ~1300) will lose: ~65 Players
  • Styx (Active players: ~700) will lose: ~35 Players

It might not seem to be much, but those Players are the ones which have spent a lot of time into the game and also are the leaders of the bigger guilds.

Best regards and happy holidays


Vimur into Ravenal!

Maybe @Kay can help on clarification here too :slight_smile:

:handshake: :heart:

i really not recommend moving styx into ravenal its a dead server they would never win any fight or get a city, the merge from ravenal into styx will work way better we have stronger active comps and a attacking fight will be more fair for stronger comps against weak ones.

Push we are really unhappy how you handel this Merge !

When the server is dead anyway, it should be merged into Ravenal and the left over players should join the active guilds there.
The other way around the loss is way higher.

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Are you playing on Styx?

Styx died because some companies were too strong (especially one). So after some time a lot of people from Styx moved to Utgard (I know at least 10 players who transferred to Utgard from Styx). We’re overall not bad at PvP, our server had been crowded and everything and we have some PvP companies, it’s just like one company ruined it for almost everyone else.


I think if the whole purpose of a server merge is to revive a server and make it healthy again, part of a server being healthy is a balanced split of territories.

Between Ravenal and Styx, granted the difference is small, but there is still a three faction presence on Ravenal with active change of hands of territories. It would truly make more sense for us to be the host server and to welcome Styx into our folds.

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  1. #push

  2. the thing that bothers me, ags says one thing (smaller servers are merged into bigger ones) and then just does whatever the f***k they want…if ags dont play by the rules…why even post them in the first place…

  3. i play on ravenal and i am pretty satisfied with the way things are…obv more players hopefully means more fun…so im excited about a merge…but the economy and the territory claimed by the factions is pretty ok in my opinion…why take a risk and screw/ unbalance this…(there are way better options to fix those problems, for example just take some dead servers with low number of players and add them to ravenal…)

  4. ags does a lot of “good” things and does listen in a lot of cases to the community which i applaud…but it also does so much “stupid / frustrating / unnecessary” stuff…that just blows my mind…just a small example with the “money” compensation for the auction house beeing down (the dupe bug)…it would have been a nice gesture…but even a simple thing like that got screwed up (where people got like 300k) and ended up in more people beeing frustrated and angry then it helped (since server rollback and such…)

conclusion to my rant… i understand were all human and we all make mistakes…but saying outright “we merge smaller into bigger servers” and then going on and doing the exact opposite…its just nowhere understandable and downright frustrating…

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i seriously hope they reconsider this…
on styx the yellow and green faction are allied, so its basically one.
thats why there is no syndicate controlled area.
every syndicate on styx hope that this merge will get us rid of this alliance…