Server Merge - Ravenal INTO Styx?

Amazon made so many mistakes, that could have simply been avoided.

When I saw the merge, comparing at the player count was the first thing I did. That took me less than 10 seconds.
It literally makes no sense to merge a big server into a small server.

Let’s see, if they are able to avoid this mistake or if they just don’t care about the players

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Ravenal should defently merge to Styx :pray::pray::pray:

Ravenal should defently merge to Styx


Da brauchst nichts mehr pushen. Morgen früh ist der Merge und gut ist.

Lieber bis zu letzten minute gekämpft als die kopf voller sand und es nicht versucht zu haben
Leute Push bis um 12 nachts !

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12h to go :smiley:

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We will make Ravenal great again and put onto the map of Styx.

Push … rip Ravenal …

RIP Ravenal…
Atleast we get the 50k per town from Cities that earned 50-100k (or even more) per day…

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We’re going into a map that’s 100% green, right now. We can’t wait. The wars will be glorious.

Just adapt and overcome. You shouldn’t struggle. After all, you have lots of players. And the idea is to balance the overall numbers on factions. So that’s either true or not and if not then you still have plenty of players.

Just win whatever territories you want. Or not, maybe.

In all honesty you should see what they did to my server. Our whole server got screwed. The server we are in had a perfect balance and we got merged into one where Yellow owns pretty much everything. Whoever picked which server each was going to did not do a good job. I don’t even feel like playing now after losing all the work our factions did. We went form purple owning everything to an even divide. To now Yellow owning everything.

And now you can attack again and stop your boring balance?^^

lol na i liked the balance. Plus im still trying to level to 60 since I didn’t bum rush to max level things. We already fought many to get territories back.

@Luxendra @TrevzorFTW @Willard @Kay
So since you didn´t change anything after this post with all that negative feedback to your decision we took it in our own hands and will overrun the whole server.
Also we need to build up the whole server!
Those companies on Styx had 3 cities that are moderate and the rest is completely 0 upgraded AND max taxes…
Thanks for That btw… We had ~10 Cities which were nearly fully upgraded, 2 of them were full T5.

So this is our answer:


I am really saddened… :confused:

Original post has been censored by AGS for critcizing them doing such a bad merge, the way they are communicating things and not caring about the players or what they themselves communicated before.

Shame on you AGS!

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Frage mich nur wieso die Performance des Styx Server noch schlechter ist wie Ravenal. Es hies doch wir müssen wechseln weil Ravenal ein problem Server war … Aber was grad hier an Lag Fest ist geht gar nicht !!! Bitte auf Weihnachten neue Server kaufen ! respective Leistung hochfahren. Besten Dank

I am pretty surprised that the performance of Styx is way worse than on Ravenal. I kinda remember that we had to change since Ravenal should have been a “problem server”… But what we see here is a whole lag-festival nearly the whole day!

PLEASE buy new servers right after christmas! Servers need way more performance to be able to play…

Thank you.

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