Server Merge Specifics

There’s a debate going on with the active governors on Boosaule I’d like to settle if possible.

In the dev update a few weeks ago it stated companies would be compensated 50k coin (3.3x cost of war) for the loss of territories. We’d like to know if that’s a flat-rate compensation or if it’s per territory owned?

Main reason we’d like to know is one company believed that to be a bounty and has proceeded to try to dominate the server, taking advantage of increasingly diminishing player population and causing further imbalance to an already unbalanced server.

Most likely - a flat rate. Too much gold otherwise for some merged companies.

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A lot of companies are of the belief that it’s 50k per region owned. A dominant company has already glassed my server :man_shrugging:

This game’s critical flaw is that it relies on human decency. Game designers really half assed the switch from PVP to PVX :man_facepalming:

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They haven’t actually said but yes some companies do indeed believe that and are trying to dominate their low pop servers.

Demone Kim the streamer is doing this on his server. I believe he said his company is essentially 2/3rds the server population atm. He believes its 50k per territory.

And now that we have downgraded server merges from “on the horizon” to “in discussion” it appears that it’s a really fluid situation. I think anything can change.

You have to remember after they announced server merges were on the horizon they had the EU rollback and TP fiasco. I think they realize just how critical this is and hopefully they are making sure they get this right. That being said they need to do it in a timely manner and make it a priority. It’s a compounding problem that needs to be fixed ASAP yet so critical they can’t screw it up. That’s a tough position to be in. In the mean time they need to do another round of transfer tokens and give people a chance to move proactively again.


Let them get on with it. They are gonna be disappointed when they put in all that effort and end up with fuck all because AGS are incapable of doing ANYTHING they say they are gonna do.

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The biggest concern is player retention. Our server went from a mid-pop (avg 1000 active players at peak) to extreme low pop (avg 200 players at peak) and our economy cannot support the wars and territory upkeep. PvE players and those waiting for merge to fully reinvest themselves are getting screwed out of crafting stations, server morale is at an all time low even in the dominant faction (no one wants to flag because they’re such jerks). I’ve seen over half the server transfer off and another third of the ones who remain have been afk for 30 - 50 days now basically waiting to see what comes next.

I honestly don’t know if we’ll even have any kind of cooperative content on our server in the next week or so, everyone’s burnt out and most are out of hope that it’s going to get better.

Server merges will bring about a couple of weeks of fun, then a faction will dominate and population loss will happen again a couple of weeks after the server merges.

Its the game design. Server merges will only accelerate the population loss.

Basic human decency, never seen that in our gameplay lol. We had a good political game going the first two weeks but that went to hell once a gold duper entered our server. That company quickly became top dog because they could afford everything and more. From what I heard their total duped was in the 100 million range, basically gold-capping every company member.

If there’s one thing AGS will do, it is that they’ll further enrich the already rich companies. At some point they’ll let these companies with overflowing coffers turn into Smaug through a cash shop item.

They are working on it, can’t seem to find much else beyond what you already said.

Hopefully, sooner than later. Before Christmas would be very good. Since they almost have transfers right, seems possible.

It is really annoying that the cheaters have caused so many problems and that they can’t just use what they already have in place.

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