Server Merge Too Late

Server merge will be too late to keep current players if it doesn’t happen soon. I am on the 3rd most populated in US West and the server is so dead on a Saturday. A company of 250+ players recently quit and a shift of faction is happening. Devs had spent all their time since launch just being reactive on bug fixes and wasn’t proactive at all on changes to retain players. I rarely see low level players so gaining new players to keep the game alive isn’t even an option. The past few days I’ve rarely logged on and so are my company mates, I’m honestly just waiting for Lost Ark to release to have a new MMO to play. For now I’m back to FPS games.


Lost Ark is also AGS, though …

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New World is on 25% discount. Lots of new players.

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Which is why they delayed it…AGS didnt want to cannibalize NW

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Server merge is cannibalizing theres no other way to describe it, by delaying it just means leas players to merge.

I mean it’s quite clear they didn’t even try to retain most players or the merges would’ve happened over a month ago when still some new ones were trying the game.
They made their money, are probably chilling overseas with their families atm.
Game is no sub so why would they care at this point.
If they manage to keep 50k players it will be still a huge win profitwise


New world is ded haha battlefield 2042 is ded
whats going on this year?
everyone too lazy to bring out a game instead of alphas?

Yeah they did but failing badly. This game’s dev has been one that communicated most and listened to feedbacks of its players.

Absolutely agree.
Every day they delay merging, they lose many more players.
Hope they realise this and merge soon.


It’s crazy the amount of servers sitting with under 100-200 peak players everyday considering the size of the servers. I actually saw some EU servers under 50 today! I understand the need was there at the beginning for the amount of servers but surely as with any other game AGS would realise that the hype will go down and that merges should have been a priority waaaay back. Paid transfers and merges will ultimately bring back a good part of the player base and this needs to be soon.

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Where they at???

Dude people are probably out of town visiting family, stfu and play your game lmao.


I mean, not sure how 130k players equals “dead”, but might want to enlighten me

Out of town visiting families lmfao okay. I wonder if they will be back from visiting their families lmao.

these guys logic man
it’s holiday time OBVIOUS less ppl play!


I’m visiting mine through the weekend, not everyone has a fuckin boner for video games like you trashbag. Go cry about the devs ruining your life, not listening to your feedback and how they scammed you out of $40.

You’re the only one raging in this thread sir lmao :joy::joy::joy:

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