Server Merger time 1 hour delay

They should be under each dropdown per region.

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The downtime for the merge itself is slated for 2 hours (~120 minutes)


Tyvm … this forum is a pain to navigate… where is that info at and what drop down is @Luxendra speaking of ? its not under Official news that I can find . Maybe I’m just over looking it .

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[Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe it’s there.

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i think hes talking about in game under where you hit play, but its not there yet, at least not for my server.

[Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - Official News / Official News - New World Forums

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Yeah I see No Expected downtime on there anywhere.
Im not sure where the 2 hour expected down time frame @Horiba was saying is at.

I guess there is just not a expected downtime which is understandable with this kind of Update.

yeah but that does not say a expected downtime :slight_smile: which is what the post is referring to :slight_smile:

You have some bullet points for the servers that show a list. Above* the name of the merged servers, there is a highlighted box stating the downtime


Nvm Everyone I did not notice what meant with the drop down … I found it . did not know the text was clickable lol … Thank you very much everyone … Not one of my sharpest days :slight_smile:

exactly how long does it take to copy paste? Lol

Not really that simple and have you ever Copied 100tb of data? even a copy and paste would take awhile … try to transfer your whole computer to another hard drive watch how long it takes now times that by alot :slight_smile:


I don’t see it in there? It only says when its going down, not for how long it will be down.

It says it there have to click the arrow i made same mistake @DoomLights

Oh yeah let’s just copy paste like they did before and fuck up a bunch of stuff like the void gauntlet crafting needing an empty ancient heart to see the nothingness recipe,
which was an example of Copy-Paste they did when it went live
Don’t think they’re gana make that mistake again.

lighten up guys, post made in fun sarcasm

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Does anyone know how long the downtime will take for US-East?

2 hours which is anytime now

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ohhh it was right there the whole time. Thanks :slight_smile:

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