Server Merger time 1 hour delay

ohhh it was right there the whole time. Thanks :slight_smile:

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@Luxendra Kinda little late on the update there :slight_smile: 25 after and people are banging on the doors lmao


gives the sweats some time to touch the grass…

i broke my keyboard hitting F5 so many times on the server status page, glad to know i’ve still got time to run out and buy a new one :neutral_face:


Korcylea is up FYI

i am having withdrawals aaaaa

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Servers are up for Omicorn

Feeed the hamsters! :grin:

Come on Folkvangr…or whatever new unimportant name it is now

US East is up

As I’m sure the map won’t be the same any reimbursement for cost of homes, I’m sure I will want to move. That’s a big chunk to just abandon.

Or the smart thing and allow homes to be sold. Would make sense with a constantly changing map.

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