Server Mergers..... AGS has more jokes!

It’s already been established that they weren’t ready for a lot of things.

They can’t change that, but continue to whine about it I guess. :woman_shrugging:

They expect returning players because of the merge, so the peak post-merge should be more than the sum of the individual peaks you are seeing now.

New players are funneled into less servers, so expect an increase there as well.

So a server of 70 exploiters vs 3 servers with healthy economy of no exploiters is the better option?

You don’t discriminate against players like that. If they are playing the game and they are not actioned then they are legitimate players who deserve equal treatment.

Im not worried about it making sense. They have all the info about the servers. I have very little. Let them do their job. If it doesnt work out, its on them and you can have the cold, smug satisfaction that you were right all along. That and $6.00 will buy you a cup of coffee.

Trying to make sense of something you dont have enough information about is… fruitless.

Where does the game display how many people are online? I been looking for where thats displayed

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I figured people are using


I doubt all those numbers. Show me where you got them and you’ll make a better argument.

where do we check to see what servers are merging with what?

Read thread there info graphs provided (pictures)

We will be 800 from 200. 200 was okay, but that is just because I have a good company. I thought we would be maybe 1600 to 1800 players.

This is the biggest problem. Players expectations. I read through that topic and it was great to see folks sharing information about the servers merging together and making some plans.

But once it happens, its release day all over again. And then if AGS decides to merge that server again… hoo boy.

So having an expectation and jumping to conclusions about what should or will happen in the middle of the server mergers, is just setting yourself for disappointment.

Except its not . Plemora keeps all towns which means ppl have to declare war. To take a town. Which means yellow can not take a town until another faction flips it. We simple cant go claim town for 100k like on telease

And to think…:pensive: When I started Krocylea had 1200 people and it looked good. :thinking:

Further lad detected took that server by exploits

Just give them time, noone said your server won’t be merged again.
I think it was clear to everyone that the first thing on the agenda was merging small servers in the same world set.

As noted, they could merge the entire cluster, except Valhalla, and still not have as many people as Valhalla…

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