Server mergers are coming

Continuing the discussion from We need server merges!: server mergers are coming. They are working on it but say not yet as they want to test more. To those of us on dead servers I can’t wait to be able to actually play again

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If it does happen and say 3 or 4 smaller servers are merged who / how is it decìded which company on which server gets to keep the territories they own.

I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then its all part of the BS these Devs are serving us.

I’ve been told that they will just keep the control of the higher pop server though I feel they should just make it all neutral and let everyone kind of go in as fast as possible to get it

I would imagine WHEN, because, let’s be honest, it has to happen at this point, servers are merged, the territories would be reset to white. Seems like the only logical way to do it.

Game is dead

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I rerolled to a more populated server after spending a month at 60 on a dead server.

I feel a million times better leveling up again in a server that actually has activity.

My server capped at like 400, and it makes this game a complete POS.
This game NEEDS community.

Stop letting servers dwindle at ~500 players or less. Just merge them ffs. Stop wasting any more time. This game is literally on its last breath.

In beta when they tested server merges, if Server B was merged into Server A, then the Server A companies would get to keep their territories and the Server B companies would lose theirs.

They haven’t confirmed how it will work in live, but it seems a logical way to do it as the least number of people would be inconvenienced. Plus the Server B companies would probably accept losing territory in exchange for not being on a dying server.

About time. Plenty of servers could use a merge.


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