Server mergers - why proceed with other servers when the pilot merge was cancelled?


I’m not sure if I’ve missed something, but it looks like you intend to merge 12 servers, even though today’s merger of Mardi and Brittia has been postponed without being rescheduled yet. While I’m not playing on any of these 14 servers, I find this worrying.

First, players on Mardi and Brittia haven’t been able to use server transfer tokens for a few days now. That you’ve announced intention to merge 12 other servers without first annoucing when Mardi and Britia will be merged seems to imply that Mardi and Britia will be merged after. That seems pretty unfair to players on Mardi and Britia servers.

I hope you’ll remove the restriction on server transfer tokens if the Mardi/Brittia merger isn’t going to be rescheduled right away.

Second, it seemed the Mardi and Brittia merge was going to be a pilot of the process. Given fallouts from similar changes since launch, that seemed pretty reasonable and welcome. That that merge hasn’t happened, yet you’re moving forward with merging 12 servers, seems very risky.

I hope I’ve misunderstood and that you are still intending to merge Mardi and Brittia before proceeding with merging 12 servers. Though there doesn’t seem to be much time for that…


Edit: I misread where Luxendria said, “We unfortunately will be postponing the server merge for Mardi into Brittia on [datetime]” and now realise she meant, 'to [datetime]". So it looks clear the Mardi/Brittia merge is happening soon and before other 12. Sorry for the confusion!

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Please link that information.
So far I have read about 2 servers to merge as pilot, it suppose to be today, but they changed it for december 10.

Didn’t see anything else, about 12 servers to merge, can You please share the source?

Its literaly in the news section. They are gonna merge some EU servers and some other region as well

I think they are on about this:

Mardi and brittia are getting postponed for only 1 day tho

Now I see. Little strange. i though they want to test merge on 2 servers first, which seems logic.
But changing date and instead of 2 servers merging 12… well well well, I hope AGS is know what they are doing, and after that we can expect more merges every day, not every week.

Luxendria said this on the [Notice] Server issues post

The first merge is still happening first. Therefore it is still a pilot merge. 48hrs to 24hrs lead isn’t that much of a difference to bother changing everything… No need to postpone the dates for the rest unless that first one doesn’t go well.

Ye i believe OP just missed the post i quoted

Hmm… I’ve reread and think I see why I didn’t understand… where Luxendria said, “We unfortunately will be postponing the server merge for Mardi into Brittia on [datetime]”, I’m guessing she meant, 'to [datetime]".

If that’s the case, then great! Fingers crossed all will go smoothly.

They have backups of backups of other backups so if something goes wrong a simple restore will fix it. Getting these mergers going to fix the horrible population issue is a must. I’m so tired of not being able to run OPRs.

Huh. AWS was down most of the day yesterday, making NW not available. And you are in the forum, that baffles me. It was all over the forum.

Why you asking about this us? We are just simple users, ask @Luxendra . There was small server problems yesterday and maybe thats why they postponed merge of these 2 servers to solve it.

There wasn’t. It was AWS.

530 online on that network at the moment. That’s barely a minimum level. Servers are useless under 1500 players. Wonder when they’ll merge all the Eu servers onto servers with at least 1500 players. 75% maximum.

Or do they think 1000 people will come back after the merger… ?

None of the merges were cancelled.

Mardi and Brittia is schedule for 2021-12-09T17:00:00Z.


there should be some topic where people could write that their servers need a fusion. something like that

Edit: the time of the screenshot is 19:39 CET

From what time is this @Samper ?

the time of the screenshot is 19:39 CET @Arkantoss

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