Server Merges 0 logic behind?

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what is the idea behind merging these 3 servers??
Kill all pvp, and trim down population by 90%??





Seems like splitting it puts both at around 700 player activity (based on current numbers)

Edit, looks like they changed it to include more servers.

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Each World belongs to a World Set. And ever since day 1 it was stated, when hovering over the world you’re joining, that they might get merged together. It has nothing to do with what factions are domination what. I read that and I – hope – you did as well.

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Seems like someone needs to change to a green faction to ensure good fights.
UPD devs will reboot the change faction timer for the newcomers? It would be great because some of the alliances will be able to switch the faction to the lower one to make the PVP and sieges more interesting.

looks like dev say: pick 3 random servers, i don’t care :smiley:



Good luck, Marauders.

At least you can have plenty of open world pvp from now on :crazy_face:

Hints: Some yellow companies can switch to green for more balance. ^^

That’s the main point, if they didn’t reset the change faction feature for newcomers/for all, it will be hard to manage, even someone will want to change the faction.

AT least you Will have 2 factions the Morrow merge us 3 worlds entirely purple

Ya I’m kinda pissed there scraping my server and merging it :frowning:

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lol typical New World server health

Underdog System needs to be in next update 100%

My server Norumbega has about 10-15 active cov players and its being merged with servers that will only make it worst Remove a faction where there is only 2 or add a underdog system cant change factions for 58 days and frankly I dont want to!!!

Hello everyone,

We announced some world merges this week and didn’t do a great job explaining the reasoning, specifically for the merges that seem less than ideal.

When planning for world merges, our team typically looks for close to equal faction representation and a peak population above 1000, among other indicators of world health post-merge. That’s not entirely the case with some of the upcoming merges due to an issue I will explain below. I want to be clear that for these worlds, this is the first step in a multi-merge process. The working plan is to reassess and address all struggling servers in early 2022.

Unfortunately, we cannot merge every world as we would like in the near team due to a housing persistence concern that would be tripped if we moved forward with the all-to-one plan right now in some sets. We have discovered that when multiple housing plots are stacked from merging or transfers, we reach an unsafe level of persistent data which can cause instability and potentially loss of persistence; meaning that if the bug is tripped, your house may disappear. No one wants that. We have to get your worlds merged as soon as possible, and the merge we are moving forward with is the safest option right now.

This persistence bug is also impactful toward character transfers. It is a complex situation, but we are working through it and will keep you updated when we have made progress in this area.

In the meantime, to help alleviate some of the faction imbalance as well as address players who continue to be in a bad state with their faction reset timer, we intend to do a one-time reset of the faction change cooldown for everyone. We are hopeful the reset will allow sets with lower populations post-merge to use game modes such as war and PVP while we work toward a better solution for how to get them to a more populated world. Our Community Managers will post timing details in the Official News section when we are ready to do the reset.

Thanks all,

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