Server Merges and Existing Wars

Hi @Luxendra, I’m sorry if this is posted elsewhere and I can’t find it but what will happen with existing wars up until the planned server mergers? Are companies going to be able to throw territory so that their faction can be swapped to once the merge happens?

Thank you!

Just for clarification, are you wondering about the worlds that will merged into others or the worlds that other worlds are being merged into?

(I hope that doesn’t read as confusing as it sounds in my head)

I’m curious about both to be honest. That terminology makes sense to me, thanks!
Basically, will any wars on any servers be canceled? (To prevent shell companies taking more territories for +50k gold, and prevent main servers from changing the faction balance intentionally).

So from my understanding, wars and invasions will not initiate on worlds that will be merged. I don’t quite remember the answer for worlds that have worlds being merged into it but I will ask and circle back to you!

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Okay nothing happens on the worlds that worlds are getting merged into. It’ll just be like getting a bunch of new players.


Thank you for the responses!

@Luxendra any notice about the server Silha? No merge for this server? we are only 150 people there.

Hey @Luxendra,
It looks like Invasions are still coming up/going through as well as wars. On US East City of Brass at least.

Interesting, I’ll let the team know.

Yeah, can confirm wars go through even though on the title screen it says “wars will be canceled and refunded”. Great, people didn’t show up to defend. RIP 50k

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