Server Merges: Central EU, US-East, US-West, and Australia

First good news for a long time …

Thanks a lot!


Does this mean they are merging US-West and US - East?

So I made a few alts early on, on different servers in NA East zone. What happens if one of these minor alts’ servers mergers into the one with my main?

Then a character will prob be deleted, so make sure you delete your alt incase to avoid that problem.

Also, why are Nifheim and Nav not merging into Bifrost? You’re making a server 600 pop instead of merging all 3 to make 1500. @Luxendra


In another post, a player reported that both characters were available on the destination server. It wasn’t an official reply - but FYI…

(it was one of today’s topics with a related subject line, should be easy to find)

Thanks. It would be catastrophic to lose the level 60… but it would be fun to have an alt on the server…

And it also means that we on Bifrost won’t get merge anytime soon. Or maybe they will merge us into Niflheim, which would be a very strange move cause Bifrost is the most populated of this three. I just can’t imagine they’ll do two merges in a row for guys from Nav.

I agree, it makes 0 sense, like they’re going to merge them 2 servers, they’ll push influence only for it to potentially change 5 days later as they merge again. Which would annoy people who wasted time pushing influence.

They should be doing cross world sets and making every server around 1750 population. Then have a team working on stability for server pop to be at 2500 for people who suddenly come back from LA hype and future patches.

The Nav merge is gonna make Bifrost and Nifheim around 700 pop each which is still pretty dead.

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Will Lilliput be merged? This server desperately needs merge. Thank you :pray:

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What happens if you have a character on both worlds?

This is a great question and hope it gets answered.

I also have 2 characters on the west that are merging. It would be nice to get an official response on this !!

Search is your friend.

Thanks for that. Makes me feel a bit better

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