Server merges for Low Pop servers. We need server merges ASAP. My suggestions for merges

Many servers are dying. Even after the update, the people who returned could not find groups to run the new dungeons. Kindly merge the servers. We need medium pop servers for healthy gameplay.

At least 500-800 people are all that we ask for. Kindly check the following servers and merge them together.

Kindly merge the following servers In the EU central.

1st Merge>> Rocabarra + Hyberborea + Hades + Bi frost + Nilfeinheim + Asgard in one Set

2nd Merge >> Fae + Caier Siddi + Tir na Nog + Amenti in one Set

3rd Merge >>Hellheim + Abaton

Each of the above servers has avg 70-100 players max who are active.
By merging these servers you will have a population of at least 500-700 people per server.

4rd merge >> Lyonesse + Nysa

5th merge >> Antillia + Styx

6th Merge >> Learad + Utgard

7th merge>> Kor and Bengodi

All the above merges will ensure that they are the same language servers.

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox

Please respond with at least any updates about the devs considering a merge.

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optimistic huh?

@Aenwyn can you look at this?

Other than dry tree all the other servers in EU are looking pretty light for players. I came to Vega because it was the high pop server at the time I transferred, only for half of the server to leave.

Sometimes we have just over 300 players online, feels really dead. Obviously no where near as bad as the low pop servers which have 80 people online at peak times.

It really feel to me like EU needs aggressive server merges, we really only need about 5-6 servers max

Digging around for information about this! I do know server population is always top of mind for us, but I don’t currently have any updates on merges!

In the meantime, check this out!

Would be nice of you can put this topic on the table in the next internal meeting, if there are any. It is really hard to play on a server with only ~150 players in the prime time…

I know, some servers would have still less than 500 players after a merge, but even 400 players are better than 150 players.

I’ve already brought it up! That’s partly what my new role here on the team is for! To be your voice! :fist:

Once we’ve identified that a world needs to be merged, we compare it to the existing worlds in the world set to find the most optimal partner world by comparing elements like faction, gameplay style, and language.

Thank you Aenwyn. Its been 2 months since there has been any merges.

In these 2 months, have they identified any worlds than need to be merged?

It would put a lot of ease in our minds if we knew which worlds have been identified so we don’t have to anxiously wait, wondering if we will ever be saved with a merge.

Great, welcome Aenwyn :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your support. Kindly help the low population servers which are dying. Some servers don’t have any tier 5 stations. They literally cannot craft anything at tier 5.

Invasions are impossible since the low pop servers have like 20-40 people Max. At best we 30 people in invasions if we are lucky.

Thanks for taking the time to bring up the issue about the merge. Hopefully we will see multiple merges


Thanks for the merges BTW… /end of sarcasm. It’s gone from being a great low(ish) pop server with organised events and a great atmosphere to a toxic shite fest with node spawn camping and a really unpleasent atmosphere.

Great job !

They merged a bit too many servers but overall is better now. Market is active there are things in the market that you can buy. You can organise the server easily. There are so many events now. Not sure what your complaining about. Nodes are meant to be contested. Is not a solo game. Stop with the single player mentality.

They merged Spanish servers with our servers. Even our server global chat is a mess. But still better than empty servers where you can’t craft anything or sell anything

Contested nodes I can handle. But camp spawning is just plain BS.

And to answer you…my complaining is in my OP about the toxicity. Just not needed.

Single player mentality ? Yeah… Na. I know what an MMO is :rofl:

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