Server Merges - Inflation?

With companies on the merging servers receiving 50k for each territory owned, this would amount to 550k added per server. I could be wrong, but 50k seems a large amount especially when many of these merged servers have a peak population of ~50 people. For an entire world set merging, ~6 servers merging into one, that would be a few million added to the economy.

Just a thought - will merging world sets together trigger (temporary) inflation? It seems a fairly large of amount of money being handed out which I assume will inevitably gobble up the Asmodeum market etc.

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50k isn’t alot for governing companies. It might cause some kind of short term inflation but money isnt worth alot anyway (at least on my server). basic materials like iron ore, wyrdwood, wirefiber sell for like 0.4 each which is absurd. even normal fibers are well above 0.3

As i see from our 7 server merge, most of the companies already spending that gold into declaring wars. From first night every settlement in conflict and probably will be continue until companies spent all gold they had

its only fair. that gold was given to declare war back. not to buy voidbent for governor XD

I thought it would perhaps depend on server size. All of the servers on my world set have peaks between 40 and 80 players. I can’t imagine the governors of the less-important territories have enough people to wage war, even if you give them 50k :smiley:

Maybe then infilation can happen, but i assuming with that populations, prices should be already high if people getting gold from in-game event or should be pretty low if no one has doing nothing as a gold income. So it depends i think but 50k for a company shouldnt affect prices, it sometimes only compansate just invasion downgrades

It probably depends on how much money the govern companies could squeeze out of the maxed out housing tax ontop of the gifted coin. Not even considering the normal tax overflow of the central zones. Even on low pop servers two weeks of max housing tax should pile up.

It would be enough if you take the 5 richest zones from each server. That could be still 35 companies with a heavy coinbag. Enough to possibly make an impact.

Combining all that from 7 servers into 1 the fears are clearly understandable. But if AGS is know to excel in one thing, it is to think up another abstruse change to the game to use up more resources and gold as a countermeasure.

Im not worried about inflation at this moment… I am interested in being able to play the game. The server I am on has painfully low players… lucky to have 30 people on.

My question is this.
When will my server be merged? When will all other servers be merged?

My server is within the Pangaia Theta World Set… All of these servers need merging into 1 server as they are all painfully low in population.

It has gone quiet since SA merges. Nothing else has been mentioned.


you have to consider the fact that most guilds upgrade their town features. turrets, gates, crafting stuff. All of that costs a lot of money. Major towns spend 30k a week on upgrades. It would suck to loose all that investment because they announce your merging. They could refund all upgraded buildings and every town would give different amounts, but I think they should focus their efforts on making merges sooner, and not loose my character over spending time Nickle and diming the guilds.

Take a town over if you want a piece of the pie :slight_smile:

That’s true generally, but even on servers with a peak of 50-100 people? I doubt anyone would even bother upgrading first light on such a server :smiley:

Also those investments only come from tax revenue i assume, i doubt many companies pay for town upgrades using their personal wealth?

Well it has been the weekend, hopefully there will be a flurry of merges this week.

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Everyone on my server has left because of a lack of players, therefore lack of content to play.
Why upgrade anything when there is no one playing?

I logged on to my main character last night, and only 12 other people were on. How are you able to play the game with that number. How and why would you even bother with the economy, or even upgrades when it’s just you playing (pretty much).

Server Merges NEED to happen now.
Dealing with inflation can happen later.

550k = nothing.


550k x6 servers merged = ~ÂŁ3 million coins of personal wealth added to a merged server of approx 600 players @ peak


Speaking of the economy…
This is what happens when the pop is low…

All taxes are raised because companies are…

  1. Trying to raise money for upgrades etc.
  2. Raising money so they can gouge the economy so that they can take more money with them when servers merge.

Its terrible on low pop servers…
Merges need to happen now.

still nothing.


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