Server merges should be priority not ruining the game

Hi. My server is dead and has been for nearly a month now. All of my friends have quit. Can we please get mergers or another transfer token? I’d even pay.




Can we please speed up with this?

Players are literally just quitting the game at this point, dead servers are not helping,

even our own server is so dead, we are on NA east, barely 100+ active players…

This should be the top priority at this point.

The game feels like its in alpha/beta phase honestly, can’t believe they launched it despite people saying not to, there are so many flaws in this game, from war, to gearing, the social aspect, its all a mess, but regardless of all this – server merges need to be done first now…

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meanwhile, them, add more features (read: bugs)
rather than fixing existing bug
or even manage the imbalance server in population (need a server merge)

They are doing something about server merges…
[Notice] Server Merge Mardi and Brittia - Central EU.
We will be merging Mardi into Brittia on December 9

This will be a trial run I believe. Where any problems will get ironed out.
I am glad they are doing this on another server than mine as I don’t like being a guinea pig. lol

Hopefully, it works, and they are able to merge other servers soon…
My server is dead, with around 50 players left… so a server merge will be most welcome.

First Week: Make New Servers or I will leave the game !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

One Month After: You need to merge the servers or I will leave the game !!! :money_mouth_face: :japanese_goblin: :japanese_ogre:

ding dong

The Problem is not the game the Problem is

1.-The Dodo’s
2.- Streamers talking BS
3.- Gold Farmers F’ the market

Nobody asked for new servers. People asked to increase server capacity, if they did that instead then the community wouldn’t be split across 3x more servers than originaly intended

Bleh, whatever they do you will always be complaining

Probably but increasing server capacity instead of adding more server would’ve be one less problem to solve

The population limit for each server is 2K, I think they changed it to 2.5K
they have explained that before, I think the solution for this Issue is having
instanced servers like every other game is doing now.
And maybe have streamers stop saying that there are Mega PvP servers in the game with unlimited population

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