Server merges to Dev's or PM managers


I have a question about server merges. I know that the PTR was used to test merges from what people have posted. My question is, when will we get an update status on how server merges will work?

I understand that there wasn’t much said on what bugs were experienced and if it’s still possible since the PTR. But I am curious if it will be in the same world set, or if the servers will be merged with different world sets.
If the world sets don’t have enough population, will all servers just merge into one mega server? What time frame are we looking for a server merge? Before the holidays or after the holidays?

I think most will be as curious as myself, but I also understand not releasing this information. For those who aren’t devs or PM and just players…the 50k per territory messed up the Sitara server bad and greed took over, so keeping information from the players makes sense. But I am still asking in case some things are answered.

Thank you AGS, for doing your best. Remember, there will always be hate but there are also those who appreciate what you do.

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I’m going to guess not before next year. If it is sooner then I can be surprised but otherwise I don’t think it will happen before 2022.

Thank you! I hope people can reach out to the devs. I know there is a lot of anger or hate when it comes to creating something. People will never like change, but they just need to remember that they are making something great… As Bob Ross said “we don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents” that’s the mentality I have when people yell at me about my code lol

They said yesterday in another merge thread that there’s no plans for merges at this time due to insufficient people using their transfer tokens.

Take that as you like, I took it as the only way to get on a living server is to start fresh. Since I used my token and then that server died, too.

I’m liking a server with people, even though I had to throw away 700 hours of progress due to “insufficient people using their tokens.”

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