Server Merges urgently needed

@Luxendra come on dude can we atleast get acknowledgement on this? Guarantee if server merges don’t come in the next week or two there will be 120k players max.

They cant figure out how to do mass server mergers without sooooo many new bugs. The main one is Character’S are being deleted…wiped from player base. No way to recover. So it wont be for a long time…they need to fix the bugs in the game like they are doing once a week or so. Server mass server merges a long way way, They will sell you a token long before mass server merger.

The info I got was from the Dev Tracker response to players saying we want mergers NOW!

I thought on the PTR the merge happened fine?

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If that’s the case then rip new world

If they can’t do server merges, do another round of Server Xfers?


No , as I said characters were being deleted from player base…was the Major bug.

Well if they don’t do merges or transfer games dead

I’m guessing we’ll see server merges very soon (1-2 weeks).

If it takes any longer than that, yikes…

It’s already been too long.

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Hate to say it but if it is gonna be another 2 week it’ll be too late

Play on a more popular server.

I can’t wait for these server merges to happen…

Then fail due to everyone demanding the merges to happen as soon as humanly possible.

It’s like we never learn:

*Players demand X to happen ASAP
*AGS fulfills that demand rapidly
*Players angry that AGS didn’t take their time and now everything is broken
*Players demand AGS to fix everything ASAP.

Server being able to barely muster up enough people to have one opr going is a nightmare…. I really hope merges are coming soon.

Oh yeah cos I’m going to spend another 500 hours of my time to get to where I am now good idea buddy

Didn’t they say the server merges failed the test due to the roll back issue when logging off and back on? You know that thing that caused duping after the first attempt at server transfers? Some people said they merged fine. I dunno, I think its gonna take much longer than 2 weeks.

IMO a better idea is to completely remove player influence from Settlements.
Even without PvP messing things up and then bailing to another server, Companies were struggling to actually afford the rent on upgraded Settlements. And any thriving Settlement that had a chance was basically near popular starter high-traffic zones. The rest were really not viable beyond a certain upgrade level.

The model is not viable even in medium pop servers so low-pop has really no chance at all. There were forum posts about Companies try to relinquish Settlements because they can’t pay and don’t want to run down the upgrades, which would have hurt everyone.

Server population wouldn’t be an issue if Settlements weren’t so reliant on players.

Anyone else feel like we are getting ignored and communication has slipped Again?
I’m getting kinda pissed with this

Well, there’s currently no other option. Sounds like you’d rather play on a dead server.

I just don’t play at all :blush:

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