Server merging - rebuilding trust with EU gamers

The EU realms have been some sort of a sandbox so far for new changes and fixes. We have endured some pretty poor quality at times and I am hopeful lessons have been learnt.

I am asking you to trial server merging on your production environments slowly. Please do not merge / break the EU zone again. My server is in desperate need of more active players (a merge) but a failed merge may doom it forever.

Please can we get some clarity around when merges will start? Will the merges be across world sets? Will multiple merges happen at the same time (e.g. 3 low population servers merging into one).

I would really appreciate some feedback on this

I doubt there will be much reply from the AGS team, which honestly at this point is sad that they can’t at least say “2021 or 2022”. A simple ‘it will be next year’ from AGS would at least let the existing players and companies know if they should go ahead with transfers (or just give up). Based on the flavor of the last official message on the topic, it seemed really doubtful it would be in the next two-three weeks…

Best guess on is they will merge servers inside the sets, trying to make medium or high population and removing all the low population servers. That was sort of the point behind having sets from early on anyway.

A full merge of my world set would still not add up to a highly populated world. Watching the dev tracker, questions like this generally get ignored :roll_eyes:

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