Server Merging Roadmap

AGS when consolidating the rest of the servers?

I think everyone is wondering when the merge will reach their server. AGS, it would be nice to keep the players in touch


The current latest posts on the DevTracker have been in relation to the server mergers:
Posts - Developer - New World Forums

How much more in touch do you want to be kept? It’s like 5 in the morning or so for them now, on a Saturday.

How am I supposed to know from this information when the merge will reach my server? He’s not on the list. Or maybe they won’t touch him at all?

That is why I wrote that we need a roadmap for all servers with approximate dates.

They’re in the process of checking that merging of live servers works. Logically speaking, one would expect them to evaluate this first prior to announcing merging of new servers. Only once they feel confident enough to move forward, should you expect it to happen really.

Sure, they’ll likely have an ETA.

But many people on these forums are not familiar with the concept of an ETA, so it’s pointless to publicize that. Because if the ETA would not be met, they’d just get a truckload of negativity spewed out over them because a “promise” would not be kept.

They have to merge 500 servers. Doing 2 at a time won’t do it. It’s nice that they test stuff, but it’s too little too late for many players whose servers have been dead for weeks.

Too many people think this means Promised Time of Arrival.

They’re doing it too slow for you now, if there did all mergers at once and break literally anything it would have been too quick and “they should have just done two at a time”.

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You think they don’t break things when doing just 2 at a time? Guess what, they do. This stuff should have been tested months ago, even before launch. I mean I don’t care at all how long it takes, it’s already too late for me. But others care.

They aren’t entirely sure the process works. Almost every instance has had issues. I expect mroe communication once they are more sure about the merge process.

There is no information at all in those posts. Only the names of the servers they pulled next out of the hat for a merger.

The time of the day or which weekday it happens is totally irrelevant because since the 19th of November there was not any real information from AGS.

  • The dev blog is deserted. And no, translations of old post don’t count.
  • Posts from devs altogether are nearly nonexistent. Besides the mergers and the harvest equipment there are none at all.
  • The orange community managers are nearly the same. Prewritten downtimeanouncements, “already known” posts or “will be forwarded” posts. Thats it. Nothing else. No real participation in any discussion.

At the beginning of november they announced better communication. They kept it up for two weeks and then it got even worse. So the question why they are not in touch is extremely justified.

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Are they only merging within world sets? Because even if every single server in my world set was merged into one, it still wouldn’t break 750 players during peak hours.

This is a very good question. We should have a road map. With all the idiotic stuff on the forums, it is hard to criticize this question. I too would like a road map…ballpark if nothing else.

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It has gone quiet on Server Merges…
Why no news?

I need a server merge now, not 2 months’ time. (an estimate of how long it will take to merge all worlds that need merging at the rate AGS is going)

When will my server be merged??? Pangaia Theta World Set…

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I am crying…

I need some love AGS… server merges…

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