Server merging to peak at 1k? Disappointed…

We finally are getting merges and you’re only merging half of Arkadia Omega? So we will peak at 1k? Right now the worlds merging literally have a population of 600, and peaking of only 1k. Give us additional tokens please so I can get off this dead server/cluster.

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I’d rather be on 1k server than 2k server. You might find that’s a preference for bunch of players.


Nobody said these merges are final.

Crying about a dead server… I’m on a server that maxs out at 100 people lol

There are many of us who would rather be on a high pop server, since we want PvP, yet I cannot choose that option, since they will not release more tokens and we get this sad merger that will only bring us up to a peak of 1k.

The amount of people coming back just to check the merged population will likely send these numbers much higher. I know I’ve been waiting for merges, my friends have been waiting for merges and chances are an insane number of other people are also waiting without actually contributing to the concurrent numbers right now.

We are gonna get queues.

It’s gonna be silly. Almost as silly as the number of possible duplication and deletion issues with characters, but hey.

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You should have used your token to go to a high pop server to begin with… Also, the difference of 1k peak to 1.5k peak is not gonna be at all noticeable except in a nuisance way…

Amazon is merging servers to fix a dead server problem, not to give people a perfect server scenario… You are complaining at a 1k peak when there’s people peaking at 100.

Get real lol…

Meanwhile, once merged, my server will enjoy a peak of only ~500 people! Assuming they merge the entire world set…

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Heres my world set - Vanahein Xi

Annwyn: 200 - 300
Nowhere: 100 - 120
Zerzura: 100 - 120
Damalise: 90 - 120
Total after merge: 490 - 660 Players (at current levels)

Sanor: 200 - 250 Not mentioned in merge list

Hyperborea: 1000 - 1200

Rocabarra: 1000 - 1200

So that means we will be left with 2x Medium pop servers, 1x Low pop server (merges) and 1x Very low pop server

I do not understand the logic behind these mergers. As other people pointed out other world sets ended up with low pops after merges and same happening with latest round of mergers.

Most of us already did, look at me I transfered to Anwynn which still has the highest player cap of 2250 because i was always full. A month later and its at deaths doorstep.

It means Sanor will be a host server (probably) so you will have 3 medium pop servers.

I would imagine that they will start with this first and then do more after.

It’s better to merge in smaller parts first, look at the population and if it’s stable, especially when new content has just come up and new players will likely arrive.

Otherwise, you may end up with too many people and then another problem and people asking for transfer tokens yet again.

Edit: please ignore this, sorry

This could be host server… who knows… They did state “merging into X server” on some of them so… gotta wait and see

Sorry but Annwyn would be the host due to it being the highest pop of the bunch. Those not mentioned will not be merged…

Look at Vanaheim Eta servers… they will merge 5 servers with 50-100 players in each so peak will be what, 300-600 people??? I guess it is still better than current 92 people on my server, but to be honest I expected a bit more. There are 2 other servers on our world set with around 1200/1500 people and I thought they would merge the dead severs into those two…

they have to consider accounts that dont log for awhile but might

Exactly they could have merged the other servers into those two med pops to create 2x high pops that still has plenty of room.

It’s like they are envisaging the reappearance of thousands of players :smiley:

I did… my server was one of the highest pop at the time. It literally was labeled high pop when I transferred.

Then one guild took every territory and most guilds that couldn’t compete left/people quitting because AGS patches. So we went from high pop to very dead very quickly.

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