Server missing from world merge group. Why? :(

The world merge post has been updated but the server is am on has been left out of the listing for our group.

Our server is called Dry Tree.

This is the list:

  • Canopis, Cygnus, Grus, Izar and Karaka for Vanaheim Summit.

Why would our Dry Tree server not be listed? :frowning:

My guess : it’s the target server for the merge.

In the world summit : It’s the one with the biggest population ( ~250 while Grus is at 220 and others < 150).

My guess is based on :

  • Their communication is missing target server
  • it seems they are merging all servers from same world altogether

Based on this hypothesis, we might reach a server population of more or less 600 peoples at peak time. Which is far from enough based on previous AGS communication !

I m a player from karaka server.

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Yes I suspect you are right and they just failed tonlist the target server.

Or at least I hope that isnwhat it is!

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I am not sure if it’s the target server, same for evonium. And there the german community support wrote “It can be that single servers are left out in a set”.

Other merges explicit mention the server that is merged into, but that’s not the case for our server.

Dry Tree desperately needs merging so itnwill be very frustrating if it is left out of the merger.

We are about 100 players in the evening now.

Hello @mathius_regius and all players posting here.

Thank you for the input provided about the world merge. Our Dev team is in constant monitoring for the world/server population and more related to it. At this point, some worlds are going to be merged, it does not mean others are not. Im not saying the world you stated is going to be merged or not, however its under constant checking and it will be announced if needed. Same you saw to the current ones.

If you want to provide your personal feedback to the team about this particular situation, please feel free to propose the case at Game Feedback - New World Forums

Hope this helps, Safe travels across Aeternum! and Happy Holidays!!! :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :tada: :tada: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :tada: :confetti_ball: :tada:

[Megathread] Gauging Interest for Regional Server Transfer was closed. Cant give feedback.


Marammas in US East Arkadia Nu desperately needs a merger.

Hi @HurricaneJames

Thank you for the feedback, its much appreciated.

Make sure to post it under Game Feedback - New World Forums

Thanks @Xerwo, you are correct, please post it under Game Feedback - New World Forums.


Thank you!

Is there anyone you are able to check and let us know if Dry Tree server EU is included in the merge of the other servers in our group?

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Seconded. Firm information would be nice.

Your response doesn’t clarify the status for Vanaheim Summit :

  • Dry Tree will be left alone after this first merger ?
  • What will be the target merge server for the list of server that are merged !

In the official communication both question are still unresolved while AT LEAST the second one should have already been resolved :slight_smile: (and by doing so might clarify first question)

Please provide a more adequate answer than just saying some might some might not without any clarification whatsover for every end user !


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Thank you all for the posts.

All information will be posted here Official News - New World Forums

Make sure to stay tuned for further worlds merge information.

Make sure to post the feedback about your current world at Game Feedback - New World Forums

Happy Holidays to all here!!! :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :tada: :tada: :confetti_ball: