Server not listed in server merge list

I know this sounds like a dumb question, but I want to verify because there seems to be some possibly incomplete information on the server merge list: If your server isn’t listed in the merge list at all, does that mean it is not merging?

The reason I’m asking to verify is because the merge list doesn’t appear to be complete anyway, in that one server (Calnogor - Arkadia Mu) is listed as merging, but the list shows it by itself, not that it is merging WITH any other server, and my server (Dominora) is also on Arkadia Mu, so I am wondering if there is a possibility that it is the one that Calnogor might merge with.



Similar issue with my server. We’re definitely hurting for people, so unless we’re hosting the merge for our world-cluster, the listings don’t make sense. Every other server from our cluster is listed.

My guess is that listed servers will have a downtime to prepare merging onto that one server missing in the worldsets list… I could be wrong but lots of worldsets are missing 1 server.

I’m on Mictlan in Arkadia Mu and my worldset was mentioned twice. Arkadia Mu has both “Calnogor** for Arkadia Mu.” and " Ensipe, Pyrallis, Maldonada, and Tumtum for Arkadia Mu." listed. Does this mean that my worldset will have one set of servers merging into Mictlan and the other into Dominora?

can you post your server map? Looks like we (Ensipe) are merging into you.

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