Server politics a big problem?

So over on Valhalla, Daddy heaters essentially runs the show. Server “rules”. They currently own 4 territories. Borpa bored and done? DSS gone. Heaters only powerhouse pvp company, they decide wars.

Server info green down bad we SUCK we are not taking any land straight up. We lose even if defense is under manned. The only 50 v 50 war attack green has won was carried by aimbot dex. (which the aimbot guy was banned and kicked from company but still an * next to the win.

Heaters was triple dec’d last night so FINALLY a new company may get land, right? Green and purple are either boycotting the triple dec because I guess there is a server rules where if anyone owns more than one territory, you’re not allowed to touch any of their others till the other war is resolved. Then got heaters crying about being triple dec’d as well.

So, IMO I feel like AGS made war changes to allow others to play the game but now the players are still trying to gate keep it still. Because in reality if you’re a new up incoming pvp company are you ever going to learn from attacking heaters, borpa or even DSS before they left if they’re gate camping? No.

Does AGS have to go a step further and lock entire companies to owning 2 territories max? I say 2 because some do have 100 people active pvp. Or maybe it’s only Valhalla that has all 3 factions convinced Youre only allowed to push 1 territory if someone owns more than 1.

Players actually follow arbitrary server rules created by other players?


Simple solution is to abandon the server and let it die.


Man up and fight in game, not on forum.

Do double, triple declare on their territory. Its impossible to fill up defend roster with current limitation of 40 defenders.
If u ‘cant’ declare war and bring 25 own members to attack then u DO NOT DESERVE any territory.


Kinda see where the issue is.

If no one else is interested in declaring war, then double/triple decs aren’t possible.

You’re company can only declare on a defending company once. 1 company can’t dec on the same company multiple times.


The biggest problem in this game is AGS lack of experience and how they thought people would play straight or fair or not try to game the system in every possibly way…lol

So the solution they ask its to limit companies to have a ‘safe’ territory that cant be attacked.

Whats the point into having a territory if u cant even bring people to fight for it or defend it? Oh yea, just some free gold for leaders. So no thanks!

Usually not for long :joy:

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What. A. Sentence.


I mean we dec heaters all the time. The issue is no other companies that are decent will dec with us. All other greens I ask are " Id rather not be on heaters bad side and heaters said double decing isnt allowed"

purple same answers or theyre afraid of losing their land if they touch heater land.

So since everyone is afraid to go near heaters land 4 territories are now gate kept. And since purple is doing the same thing. There is currently 7 territories that arent allowed to be double dec’d and those 7 territories will never lose a 50 vs 50. unless they attack each other which they wont

Well if ur server is full of P… . Then just change server, I personally cant see other solution.

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well yeah that’s kind of the point of the post? Are other servers the same when it comes to PvP? Are double decing not allowed? or are there other stupid rules the top companies enforce on the pvp side. Because these companies decide who wins wars atm here.

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No. I know that some top companies have deals between them to dont double declare on each other, but both are holding a capital at least.

But all of them can get double declare from other companies/faction.

There are always “rules” in “competitive” servers, because top companies go where they can dominate, if they end up on the same servers they parlay instead of seeing who is best.

Heaters currently is gate keeping WW EF brim and BW all the biggest earners its wild

Which I mean any PvP companies who arent afraid of upsetting daddy heaters. They Own, WW,EF,Brim and BW. Come on over to valhalla we will double dec whenever you want. These are essentially free capital cities.

Server politics are an even bigger problem than most casual players realize. Its not a faction v faction game like people think. Its literally company vs company regardless of faction alliance. Multiple servers ive been on has had company vs company on the same faction where they grief eachother, rat eachothers rosters and strats and actively try and steal declares. Should just find a war to remove factions in war specifically but its too engrained in the lore to do so elsewhere.


If everything OP posted is true, then Heaters is dumb af. They’re going to starve themselves out of good competitive wars

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I mean Id just assume theyre RMTing why else would you own all 4 T1 towns and not ever want them pushed or taken


Couse its still crap design. Fact that any1 in ags thinks its ok that some newly created company or just lower tier company should comete with top companies on server does not deserver any comment.

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