Server pop issue

Instead of trying to cram tens of thousands of people into servers and people eventually having to leave the server and losing their progress out of frustration of not being able to join for ten plus hours why not give people the option to take their character, progress, and inventory/stash to other lower pop servers. If not a permanent option at least on a one time basis or temporarily until the issues can be fixed. I cant see this being a giant issue with temporary free movement between servers until the population evens out.

4 Compensation or refund.

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I see you missed the banner at the top which said they are going to allow server transfers…

Pay attention.

I just got on the forums and no I did not see it. I wasn’t complaining this was just an opinion and a suggestion so your snarky comment is not needed<3

So what is going to transfer, your storage, your level, they cant even get the game up day one and you believe this. The game has been misrepresented and now they telling marketing storys to pacify the weak minded.

Im not disagreeing with you I just understand its day one of an extremely popular and waited on title so I had a suggestion on how they could keep it more free flowing instead of making major changes like possibly shutting down servers to change something. Im not a developer so I have no idea what goes into these type of things. Allowing free roam between servers just didnt seem like something out of the realm of possibility to me. Maybe I am wrong.

It specifically says “to a new server of their choice.”
That does not confirm if I go to an empty server to be able to play now (after spending hours in queue all day today and still haven’t played once), that I could then transfer TO the existing highpop server my friends/company are already on.

You’re asking me to trust Amazon/AGS, when they’re anything but trustworthy at this moment. I fully anticipate that is a bait-and-switch trap while they’re desperate to unclog the queue system and shunt people off onto empty new servers for now.

The orange CS reps on this forum have also been asked to clarify this, and won’t, stating more info in the coming days. Which isn’t good for anybody who wants to play with their people currently. This is an MMO, Massively Multiplayer, not play-solo-elsewhere-for-2-weeks RPG.

I’d only do this if they confirm free transfers to ANY server later on, no restrictions, to know for sure I can return when they sort their server crap… which already should’ve been sorted, after numerous betas and delays.

I agree. I am one of the lucky people who was able to get on to the servers early and stay on but my friends who could get on temporarily or not at all are waiting an eternity like everyone else.

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