Server Population decreases

Sometimes it feels like the Amazon Team dont watch their Server Pops , there are Servers like Fae that are complete Dead already and even the most Fresh Start Servers dont hit 1500 on Peak Times anymore.

How many Players need to Leave again untill the Amazon Team react again? Are you guys sleeping on work?

You implemented a Anti-Bot System on your Servers that checks Logs because EAC is not working effective enough.

This “Anti-Bot” System is Banning Active Farming NON BOT Players and your crap Support Team repeat the same shit over and over again.

strange isn’t it? People complained that the server pop was too low…servers got merged…then they complained it was too high.

Cross Server Dungeons , OPR , 3vs3 would help alot i think … as far i know its annouced for ~April 2023… that could be to late already.