Server population shrinking

Hi guys, I am currently in Fae EU Central server and the population is shrinking each day.

What are the developers doing to increase the player base? Is the game population going to get to a point where there are no longer enough players and shut down?

I am having trouble finding players for Elite Zones the past few nights, and there is no more Outpost Rush matches.

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You are supposed to use your server transfer token to move to Barri like everyone else did.

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Transferring to another server does not make sense if everyone does the same thing, I believe a better solution is needed, thanks but no thanks.

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Handing out a second round of transfer tokens was a mistake.
Now they need to merge again, and then what. They will probably hand out new tokens in case “someone endet up on a server he didn’t like”, creating an endless loop.


come to na east maramma

If you refuse to xfer to a more populated server (as most people did) yet complain about dwindling numbers on your server…… then that’s on you buddy

A triple-A rpg was just released.
Maybe it’ll go back up, maybe it wont. Gotta wait it out.

The merges saved my server then the tokens killed it.

So I transferred to the biggest west coast server yesterday and my gameplay experience is 10x better.

I think you should transfer. The tokens were counterintuitive to their merges imo.

insane lag, no content, boring pvp quests, invasions delaying wars for days = people don’t want to play

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