Server queue so annoying

the queue is just broken, fix it please. 1600 to 1500 in 1h


1000 in 2h 9,5h to go work in 6h thx for absolut nothing Amazon


How can they screw this up so badly? I don’t get it.

Lets just wait and see what happens, Sucks but we can’t do anything else as players right now :slight_smile: The game is worth the extra wait!

idk, i hope they improve server cap

But we can tell them that they screwed up a lot.
That it was foreseeable that so many people would come.

The Amazon boss prefers to play with his rocket,
instead of setting up sufficient registration servers for his paying customers …

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I have a 10,700 Quea and a 10 hour wait time before i can enter the game, this is RIDICULOUS!

waiting sience 8:00, 7 hours waiting amd still in queue, when i can play probably people will be lvl 25 + i will try refound this looby simulator

oh wait, now it shows 19 hours i have to wait, i am going to explode on AMAZON!

I hope they understand the problem and solve it as soon as possible

they did this by different start times and then pushing everyone to log in and get reserve their name. whoever decided that should be fired.

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Assurdo il primo giorno e sono in coda alla posizione 7000 :man_facepalming:
Magari domani riesco a giocare
Ottimo Lancio che dire

Yup, I posted this topic immediately as soon as it opened at 07:00am BST and found there to be a 500 person queue at the very first minute.

Geo-Server release time - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

the Quea is worse now, i have a 9 hour wait according to what it says, 9700 Quea now.
my friend has a 30,300 quea left and over 20 hour wait time.

we are both pretty pissed off, nobody should be expected to wait 10 or 20 hours to play a game they have been excited to play, definitely a new and amazing MMO like this. Devs should’ve had these quea time issues resolved beforehand, players should not have to suffer in 10-20 hour QUEA times because devs were not prepared for insane amount of players, this is morning too, PRIME time has not even started yet, by mid day there will be another 5 million players on the game and there will be a 200,000 quea time probably at this rate…

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Getting to 300 and then getting bounced out of the que and dropping to 10,400 is really irritating.

happend to me twice in the last 7hrs …

I’m sorry Booom, hope you are able to finally break through and get in soon

currently 5086 out of 16k :smiley: so we will see

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