Server queue when server is not full

If AGS devs played their game or cared enough to actually listen to their player base I would respectfully use the bs premade bug report thing but it is useless.

After doing server merges that no one asked for the players who have been DEVOTEDLY carrying this garbage game for the past 6 months are now unable to play at all because of ghost queues when the server is not full.

This is the most laughably bad example of a game development company and how to RUIN a potentially generation defining game (like WoW or Runescape).

All of the developers at AGS and anyone who worked on NW should be ashamed of themselves and the decisions/mistakes they repeatedly make that have killed this game. All players should be refunded their full purchase price as we were all told NW was a full game and not the alpha 1.1 it actually is. We didn’t pay to be gd beta testers but here we are. Wasting our time on a game the devs cant even be bothered to.