Server Queues and why i will be running into a wall

Okay just got home after a nice 12 hour shift 6am-6pm, log in to play a bit of NW with my friends.
What do I encounter a queue 815 long. from info from company friends that translates at appox 3-4 hour queue taking me to 9/10pm I’m British we mastered queueing and if were complaining it must be bad

Option 1. start a new char to play on a lower pop server if a lower pop server can even be found and say F my friends and company.

Option 2. run into a wall and actually play the game i brought to play with my friends and avoid a insane queue.

Option 3. continue as is and accept the fact i paid £££ for effectively a queuing simulator and play for at most for a hour

I got work again at 6am need to be up by 5:00am at the latest I am being queued out the game.


running into a wall

Does it even work still?

No idea worked yesterday, but after reading the forums choose not to do it, can tell you I regret not doing it.

This is a amazon issue if players feel they need to run into a wall to be able to play the population cap is too low, this is the gaming equivalent to panic buying


I disagree for several reasons.

  1. This is day 8 of launch. Your choice to remain on a high population server despite your minimal progress (only 8 days worth) knowing that the queues exist and are so severe… is your fault and your fault alone. You are doing this to yourself. There are lower pop servers you could choose to play on and you are choosing not to, for whatever your reasons may be. If you think your 8 days of progress is too much of a sunk cost that you simply can’t reroll, then wait for the free server transfer that Amazon will be offering. Amazon is not responsible for the emotional state of players (i.e., your feelings). If you “feel” you need to run into a wall then Amazon may “feel” your account needs action taken against it.

  2. Since the design of the game is such that 2000 players (or whatever Amazon sets the cap at) creates a situation where the server environment is “at capacity” it is unreasonable to continue to expect or demand that every other player suffer the consequences of overwhelming a world with a significant population increase just because you’re unwilling to reroll. In reality there are not unlimited resources that can be employed to accommodate an unlimited number of players on a single server. Increasing the population cap will create an overpopulation scenario where all players suffer because of server performance issues. This is effectively you demanding that Amazon break their game to accommodate your continued poor server choice, at the expense of everyone else. Rest assured you and many others would be on here immediately after that population increase crying about server performance issues. You could respond, “yes but other players are making this choice also” and they are… and it is their fault also. Some of you will eventually capitulate and reroll or transfer, quit the game, or deal with it. Nobody cares which comes first.

  3. Knowing that Amazon has stated that they are actively taking measures to prevent players from afking, any consequences you incur from your choice will also not be Amazon’s fault. If you think this leads to an “arms race” of finding the right macro/bot to prevent disconnects from inactivity then don’t be shocked when you are banned.

  4. If you’re interested and not completely lazy… tools exist that will allow you to minimize your queue should you choose to remain on a high population server. For example looking at will tell you what the queue is currently for your server. There are means by which you can remotely control your screen (example:, even from a mobile device now… so you could queue up 3-4 hours before you get off work to reduce the amount of time you have to wait.

tl:dr once again players that physically cannot stop crying are ruining a game for everyone else.


Bad idea - you’re going to get caught.

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Hello White Knight

  1. this has nothing to do with progress, people play in friendship groups i know strange fact but they do why should i have to abandon my friends that i have been gaming with for years on many games.

This is about the ability to play a game…with your friends i mean if your a billy no mate with no friends sure pop on to lower pop server

amazon is blaming the players for there low server cap

again its not about queues its about playing the game with your friends, friends that have encouraged each other to buy the game and guess what we didn’t all buy the game to play it on different servers.

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fact is amazon screwed this launch and they know it, start banning players who just want to play the game without there BS queues will result in 1 thing a mass exodus

Lol 8 days of progress at the START of a server isn’t minimal in the least, don’t try to BS people on the forums. Someone can make enough money in the first 5 days of a server opening to last them a VERY long time because of resource scarcity. Once supply begins to exceed demand(like day 4-5) the profits drop incredibly sharply. It’s definitely on Amazon for the way that they handled launch. None of the players had a clue how long these queues would be aside from major streamer servers, which were 100% a personal choice.

Players do care what comes first, as quitting the game detracts from the game as a whole. Amazon cares, because it affects their success. One person? No…but the OP isn’t the only one that’s having these issues.

tl:dr stop talking to people like this on the forums. They’re frustrated and venting. The world has become total crap in the past few years, stop freaking adding to it.


This is the key to your complete lack of understanding of the situation.

As I stated before you are under the impression that a server is some kind of magic that can have infinite resources to accommodate infinite players, and mean-ole Amazon is just choosing not to do it because… reasons? Through an extensive Alpha and Beta test process, it was determined that to keep the game experience enjoyable there could be no more than ~2000-2500 players on a single server.

You have a simple adolescent desire, a whim, for this number to increase. You have no data that would make the idea convincing other than you want it to happen. You have no idea what the consequences of it would be on you or anyone else. Games that overwhelm their own servers die. Warhammer Online is a perfect example. Their massive RvR concept was crippled by insufficient resources at every level. The engine couldn’t process the graphics, the servers couldn’t handle the load, and the network couldn’t handle the number of connections.

Pure hubris on your behalf, and everyone else’s… frankly… to believe you have anything to say about server capacity limitations in this game. You’re clueless, frustrated, and venting. Mods should simply delete these threads because sheer ignorance like this is the kind of cancer that spreads.

yea it is.

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The fact that you’re saying that speaks volumes to how little you actually know the game. You’ve got a half decent vocabulary, but that’s about it. You don’t know the game. Don’t bother saying that you do, because this simple statement proves otherwise. I’m not even going to debate it with you since all you’ve brought is negativity, ignorance, and insults to this thread. You simply don’t understand how advantageous the start of these servers has been to those of us that were lucky enough to be able to play most of the time.

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EU servers are pretty bad.
NA East has some issues and NA West has none.
Wonder my MMOs are more popular in the EU than NA.

I don’t need to know anything about the game to know that 8 days is negligible. Either your time horizons are very short (8 days is objectively a very short period of time in an MMO lifecycle), or you’re defining “knowing the game” as something like making a lot of gold in early broken markets because you’re making some healthy coin in sales. Nothing wrong with that, but opportunism and ill-gotten-gains aren’t “knowing the game” those are just MMO launch basics. Would you be able to replicate that on another server? Maybe one of the new ones when they offer transfers.

Don’t act like your 8 days of gameplay is something akin to a Great Work.

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  1. Character server transfers will be avalaible this week. With a bit of luck in one of the next days. Next to that, there are enough ‘open’ servers with a low population. Your friends could also do a transfer and most likely they give a opportunity to keep your company name and everything (not the players who don’t want to transfer).

  2. A huge amount of people are all reporting them now if they see it. First time you get kicked, second time get a ban.
    It’s unfair… if you are going to an amusement park and want to get in the rollercoaster… are you going to jump the queue and walk to the front of the line because ‘I paid for the game and I don’t care about the other people’. Everybody works… everybody needs to wait in the queue! Not fair for some people to not wait in the queue while other people are waiting in the queue to play. We all have the same problem…
    Some days we can’t play because of the queue times.

  3. Just wait a few days… the queue’s went down incredibly last days. Server limits, server transfers coming, less AFK wallrunners. Give it a few days. The game is just launched. The rush and hype needs to calm down. It’s getting better soon…

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Also, if they were your friends they would empathize with you and coordinate a server move together.

The first person who I met on this forum who also understands this!

You can’t put 4000 people in a server… will totally ruin the game, it’s not made for that…


Your a idiot that didn’t even read my post, adolescent desire, what are you going on about… trying to make yourself sound smart when the simple fact of the matter is this.

When I finish a 12 hour shift at work I want to be able to unwind and game with my friends amazon sold me a game with the pretence I could do just that, instead your telling me abandon your friends and go to a different server?

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so your new suggestion is to move our 100 strong company to a different server?


would that not just transfer the problem to a different server? and band aid on the real issue if you will