Server Queues are back

With the server transfers going back online the server i’ve been playing on for weeks without issue (Hades-EU) is now starting to be overcrowded again. There are queues of 1k+ people once more and more people keep transferring.

I don’t mind a little bit of queue here and there but waiting 1-2h after being kicked from the server through some outpost rush related connection errors gets frustrating to deal with really quickly, it’s the second time within 2 days now for me personally, my brother had it happen too, a friend of mine as well…

I’m just afraid we’re gonna approach the 2-3k+ people in queue again which in turn leads to people using anti-afk methods to not get logged out, making waiting times even longer if you ever get disconnected or want to take a break at times. Not looking forward to that.

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When trying to balance populations with server transfers, you don’t let people transfer to high population servers and put limits on the number of people who can transfer to any given server. This is basic stuff that mmo’s have been doing forever and even more important now that streamers have such an impact. Did they not think about this?

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