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Good Evening!

First of all i would like to Say a Big GG`s to the Devs , you guys start to turn the game arround slowly and its great to see it.

Second and this is the most important one. Could i please suggest to the dev team make new servers. The queues, especially at late afternoon/evening are Horrific. My suggestion for the situation on Nysa im talking about mostly as its one of the most populated servers. Could you not make a new server and put all the returning players ? Nysa at present is the most merged server i think in the Eu and A lot of people will come back or started to come back. Its geting insane queue numbers every day now. Could it not be possibble to come out with something to resolve this? I don`t know what other suggestion to reccomend than increasing the player cap even more but the servers are strugling as they are i find.

This is not me trying to say bad things about new world been playing the game since the begining and never left. Existing players should have priority in the queues not returning players .

If anyone has further suggestions i would love to hear someone ealse`s feedback/ideas

Thank you
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This is a great idea !!!

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What Amazon should do to reduce queue on Nyssa is to create a 2nd server FR/EN.
Because FR community doesnt like only EN servers. As proof the 3 new servers created and 2 of them are around half only and yet they rather stay on 500+ queue than transferring.

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I have already asked this question in the German forum. The players from the Nysa queue would already fill a new server. I really feel sorry for them.^^

(translate by DeepL)

(Suggestion) Change server Tir Na Nog into FR/EN server. Eventually if people complain can give free transfer ticket but only to people from Tir Na Nog server.

@ Chumo,

Don`t really think that a FR/EN server will change the situatrion. The same was they merged servers for the international people to the english speaking ones. I think they can see who is more active for example in the past month or two and give him priority to enter compared to someone who has heard about a new patch coming and wants to come back see what the Craic is .

I have to agree with him. It should probably be labeled as French for people to move. Every EU server had a massive queue, new servers came and the queues went down as people swapped over. Nysa was no more populated than the others, you guys just didn’t move because it’s not labeled French.

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