Server ryugu-jo town center like reekwater and windsward are so lag and it cost me 8000 gold please help me

Hi, i just want to sell 1727 life mote in reekwater aution house. I press 1 gold for 1 to sell. Meanwhile in reekwater town center is so lag, i thought its only my problem but i ask people in world chat most of them said its laggy too. After i put the lifemote in AH. I realise i lost about 8000g. Then i check the history of what i sell, i realise every single lifemote price i put in AH is 100g, i put 1727 life mote in Ah… but i pretty sure i didnt put 100g to sell one life mote. Please can you hjelp me to reclam the money that i lost on that problem. My game id is Andy69 in ryugu-go server. thanks.

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