Server Time Skip

The time skip experience on multiple server yesterday after the downtime, will this be addressed during this current patch/downtime?

The skip caused our city to double downgrade as we had a invasion that night and then our city tax was not paid. The impact was that we lost so many of our station upgrades but also the explosive AND emplacement upgrades. We now have a war tonight, that would not have actually happened until Saturday/Sunday and we would have had our upgrades.

It will feel really shit if we lose a city due to these server time skips and double downgrades.

Honestly, my opinion for a fair situation would either be 1) revert back time and upgrades so we can fight our invasion (we’re close to winning, can get to 3min remaining easily now), or 2) cancel the pending war, and refund the cost of the downgraded workstations (or revert them).



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