Server Transfer backfired

I transferred from a low pop server to a high pop server. Before I did, I had created a new character in that server and there was no queue. I asked around and people kept insisting I transferred and that queue times were not an issue. Since transferring I have experienced 350+ queues every single day for the last 3 days. Can I reverse my transfer or transfer to a medium pop server? I would buy one to save time creating a ticket but there isn’t an option in the shop.

Same thing happened to us. Queues SUCK!

Hello all,

Please check the following at transfer sections.
[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2

The current information about extra token transfers: * Transferring again will require an additional token. Our team will continue monitoring world populations, queue times, and will evaluate the need for an additional wave of server transfer tokens to be given out for free. After we are sure players have had plenty of time to find the right server for them, we will later make server transfer tokens available for purchase in the store. We will give notice ahead of time when tokens are changing to a paid service.

Make sure to provide as well the feedback about your case under Game Feedback - New World Forums, our Dev team is checking those posts in order to improve the player experience.

Thank you in advance.