Server transfer between regions


When the game launched I decided to play on the NA West servers because that was the least queue time for me because of time zones and I just wanted to play the game and had some US friends on that server anyway to temporarily play with.

Then I read on twitter that the official new world account confirmed that we would be able to switch between regions with character transfer, So i kept playing on NA West and just figured I’d wait with playing with my IRL friends until the transfers go live so I can keep progressing and don’t have to start over.

Now I am reading everywhere that cross-region transfers are not going to be a thing? I feel like I am being Thoroughly screwed on this ones right now… because not only did I waste a bunch of extra time on the NA server. I am now also even further behind on my friends and will have to go through another 100-150 in-game hours of not being able to play with them.

@New World Team, please tell me that this is a f’ing joke? Please tell me that there will be some way for me to not have to throw away my 150 hours game time just because an intern or whatever posted misinformation on twitter…


100%, this will be a game ruining issue for many people. Please fix this!! I posted this on the server transfer update thread:

This is a huge oversight. I realize there are technical hurdles to cross region transfer, but whatever that cost is, pay it now or suffer the consequences. It’s not worth losing the goodwill of your player base over something that will ultimately benefit the game and AGS itself.

You will take a huge PR hit over this.
You will lose players now and in the future.

My brother and I were pleasantly surprised with how New World turned out and were impressed with AGS. We were intending to transfer from US East to US West to play with another group. To find out this isn’t possible, after being told we could, is extremely souring for all of us in terms of our enjoyment of the game, and our impression of AGS. This will severely decrease the play time and lifespan of the game for many players, and cause them to be dubious of AGS in the future.

Really disappointed about the recent news. I have a group of 4 using west servers due to shorter queues waiting for the transfers to join a consolidated east server with many others. Which contrary to Amazons statement. This effectively strands us, or makes us restart from scratch. Not happy.

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